Karen Rodriguez Talks New Music Video, “Happy Fools Day”

Karen Rodriguez Talks New Music Video, “Happy Fools Day”

Karen Rodriguez enjoys playing pranks…especially when she was on set of her original debut music video for “La Tonta de Abril” and its English version “Happy Fools Day.” The Roc Nation Latin artist just dropped her music video today and we have the details behind its filming.

“I always envisioned somewhat of a playful setting for the video,” says the Peruvian and Dominican songbird. “Being that the song’s theme is April Fools and April Fools is centered around tricks and pranks, I figured what would be better than a carnival themed video! In the song I talk about a ‘trickster’ who plays many games, so having scenes of me walking through an empty Luna Park, while there are some rides in the background running with no one on them, symbolizes the mood of the song and what I was trying to achieve with the lyrics.”

Shooting the video in Coney Island, Brooklyn was special for the Native New Yorker, as she’s been going to the amusement park since she was a child. Also, this should show you a bit of Rodriguez’s resolve: amidst the freezing weather and even after it started hailing, she kept on filming.

“I was determined to give the best performance ever because I was so excited to finally be living out my dreams and because everyone was counting on me,” she says. “My team pulled through the cold and the result was incredible! I have the best team!”

Look for yourself.

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