Katelyn Tarver Shares Her Current Favorite Songs

Katelyn Tarver Shares Her Current Favorite Songs

The Rising pop artist has just released her newest song, “LY4L,” and has shared with TIDAL a collection of her current favorite tunes, from fellow newcomer Sasha Sloan to country songstress Kacey Musgraves.


Lorde, “Hard Feelings/Loveless”
Melodrama was one of my favorite albums last year, and pretty influential for me as an artist. This song stood out to me as an example of Lorde doing what she does best. She is capturing how it feels to be in a moment so well, you feel like you were sitting in the car ending things with your first love, too.

Kacey Musgraves, “Happy & Sad”
I’ve been a fan of Kacey since I heard “Merry Go Round.” Being from a small town, I thought she expressed that feeling of being stuck there and not knowing how to really get out, in such a true way. This song from her most recent album, Golden Hour, captures a feeling I relate to so much. That kind of melancholy that comes over you when you’re happy, because you know, eventually, it will come to an end in some way. I’ve felt that feeling dozens of times, and this song made me feel like someone knew what I was talking about.

Paramore, “26”
I heard Hayley describe this as a letter to her younger self; reminding herself to hold onto hope and remain a dreamer, even through life’s punches. It’s such a beautiful album all the way through, but this song hits a nerve with me in the best way. She’s also one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen.

Rex Orange County, “Television/So Far So Good”
I’m a new fan of Rex Orange County. There’s something about his style and songwriting that feels instantly classic, but still current. I just listened to the album while driving to Malibu and it was perfect.

Sasha Sloan, “Ready Yet”
One of my favorite new artists. I listen to this song on repeat, just so I can hear the pre-chorus again. “It’s hard for me to be mad at you, I don’t wanna be. It’s hard for me to be mad at you beccause there’s part of me that loves you still.” There’s just something so true and simple and perfect about that line to me.

Tove Styrke, “Say My Name”
When I first heard this song I was like, “Whoa! WHO IS THIS?” I was, and still am, obsessed with the laid-back, cool, fun vibe of this song. The production, her vocals, and the lyrics are lighthearted, but still powerful. I’ve been trying to write a line like “I never need a break cause we feel like vacation” ever since.

Cardi B, “I Do (Feat. SZA)”
Cardi B has made such a big mark on pop culture, it’s hard not to love her. She’s unapologetic and strong and says whatever she wants. As someone who can err on the side of playing it safe or not saying what I mean out of fear, it’s powerful to listen to someone be so bold and outspoken. Always trying to channel my inner Cardi.

Troye Sivan, “The Good Side”
I love the concept of this song. It’s so hard to articulate this feeling in a song, but it’s a pretty universal experience. A break-up is always a tiny bit worse for one side, and getting to be on the better side is good, but also ends up making you feel guilty for having it easier? It’s just such a heartbreaking, isolating feeling that I think he captures really beautifully in this song

Julia Michaels, “Issues”
I had been following Julia for years as a songwriter and watching her write hit after hit. When she released her own solo stuff, I had high expectations. I loved this song and love how her melodies and lyrics and perspective are so unique to her. She inspires me to follow my voice and trust my instincts as a writer and artist.

Tyler, the Creator, “See You Again”
The line “I wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind” in this song made me so happy. As a songwriter, those are the kind of lines I’m searching for sometimes. It’s nothing super deep or profound, but it’s clever and simple and effective and memorable. I like how this song is about a daydream, and it really feels like a daydream.


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