LA Priest: Live from the TIDAL Studio

LA Priest: Live from the TIDAL Studio

As the audience enjoyed music from the stages at Norway’s biggest festival this summer, there was also intense activity backstage.

During the year’s Øya Festival in Oslo, TIDAL invited selected performers to enter our soundproof mobile recording room – the TIDAL Studio. Today we release two great tracks from rising British indie artist Samuel Eastgate, a.k.a Sam Dust, a.k.a. LA Priest. 

Five years ago Dust was the singer and songwriter for the beloved, short-lived British synthpop band Late of the Pier. Quite fitting for a band of such glorious mayhem, Late of the Pier came to an end just as their star was really starting to ascend. Following suit, Dust fell of the face of the earth, traveling over the world and sonically experimenting in privacy.

In late 2014 Sam Dust reemerged from the shadows, and with a new project called LA Priest (pronounced “Lah-Priest”). With his uncompromising mix of funk, disco and rock – exemplified on tracks like lead single “Oino” – he is easily one of the most interesting and original artists to emerge from Britain this year. His debut album, Inji, came out in late June via the always trustworthy Domino Recording Co.

LA Priest entered the TIDAL Studio on Øya’s opening day, following a performance at the festival pre-party.

As he actively worked – birthing two stripped-back, but still very funky, versions of Inji cuts ”Lady’s In Trouble With The Law” and “Learning To Love” – Dust gave the impression of enjoying thoroughly his session in the small, intimate mobile studio.

“It reminded me about my own studio in my bedroom, which is almost the same size,” he said afterward. ”It made me feel at home.”

Enjoy these two original live takes from LA Priest – available exclusively in TIDAL – and be sure to read our revealing interview with Sam Dust from earlier this year.

(Photos by Camilla Longva)

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