Label Focus: Local Talk

Label Focus: Local Talk

House music has been making waves all over the world in the last year.

And below the popular and widely-known chart entries from the genre, there’s a vast jungle of record labels constantly feeding lush underground with pure house cuts.

Since its founding in 2011, Stockholm, Sweden’s Local Talk Records has contributed a constant flow of top-shelf releases from the likes of Kyodai, HNNY, Atjazz, Fred Everything, Lee Webster and Opolopo.

We talked to co-founder Mad Mats about his esteemed house music outlet.

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Can you give a brief history of Local Talk or how it was founded?

Local Talk – just a cool name, before you ask – was founded in 2011 by DJs Mad Mats & Tooli in Stockholm with an aim to create a strong brand that could bring together both underground house nerds as well as the more mainstream consumers of house music.

What is the Local Talk sound? Can you describe?

House music, nothing more, nothing less.

What do you represent or stand for as an institution?

I think we built a very strong brand that is well known for its hectic release schedule but without compromising on the quality. I think our fan base trusts what we do even though we might release a quite wide range of house styles.

What, in your opinion, is the label’s greatest success or achievement so far?

Being able to release close to 65 releases on Local Talk, not including the sub-labels, and still be around, keeping a momentum. We’ve introduced a lot of new artists to the scene and never really thought about sticking to one style within house.

How would you describe your music scene at the moment?

To be honest, we play 9/10 gigs abroad, as Stockholm is mainly a techno city. House is something you listen to in bars over here.

The music industry goes through rapid changes these days, how have those challenges affected your work – and what is different running a label today compared to before you think?

Of course it’s been a challenge but we’ve never really thought about changing the way we work, people buy less and there’s a lot more labels around releasing loads of music on a daily basis. We still believe in our label, the music that we like and that’s why we’re still around.

What’s next for Local Talk?

We’re aiming to release more albums in 2016 and to build strong relations with our key artists like Lay-Far and Art Of Tones. We will of course always release a steady stream of single releases from both known and unknown artists. But this year we will be more selective on what we actually release, we truly aim the have the very strongest releases from the house community… nothing less.

Where can folks experience your music?

If you want to experience the Local Talk sound courtesy of Mad Mats & Tooli you can catch them playing in Ireland, the U.K. and France the coming months.

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