Lamorne Morris on ‘Game Night,’ His Rap Moniker & 5 Albums That Changed His Life

Lamorne Morris on ‘Game Night,’ His Rap Moniker & 5 Albums That Changed His Life

In one of TIDAL’s most hilarious interviews yet, actor, comedian and rapper Lamorne Morris had the staff struggling to keep their cool. Perhaps best known for his role as Winston on FOX’s New Girl, Morris walked us through his upcoming film, Game Night (due February 23), filming in Atlanta and his rap moniker, The Homie Steve. “If you’ve never heard of him, I don’t know what you’ve been doing or what you’ve been up to,” he says.

In the video below, Morris also clues us in on the five albums that changed his life, from Kanye West’s Graduation to his own upcoming album, The Lamorning After Pill.


Tell me about Game Night.

The movie Game Night is coming out February 23rd. Make sure you go see it. You can go see Black Panther now. I want to make sure everyone has seen Black Panther already so they don’t go see it when my movie comes out. Go see it first to go get warmed up to an even better movie. Game Night is fantastic. We’ve got a dope cast. Everybody is hilarious, but the cool thing about this cast is that everybody is so versatile. It’s a thriller essentially, but it has a bunch of comedy in it. A lot of action, a lot of stunts, car chases. Airplanes flying around. It’s a lot. Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams. They’re dope, obviously. The cast is dope. Kyle Chandler, Jeffrey Wright, Billy Magnussen, Kylie Bunbury, Sharon Horgan, Jesse Plemons and myself so if you don’t go see it, you’re doing yourself a disservice, and I hate you a lot.

What is the film about, and how does this role differ from your past roles?

The movie is about couples that meet up every weekend for game night. A lot of people can identify with that, but what people can’t identify with is that somebody ends up getting kidnapped and we have to figure out the clues to rescue this person or else this person could die. It’s weird. It’s like you don’t know what’s real and what’s fake. Almost like The Game with Michael Douglas back in the day. It’s crazy. It’s like a race against time to figure this crime out, we take regular people, throw them in a crazy situation and you see what happens.

I can’t really give out too much [about my character] but he’s having some marital problems. I can identify with that a little bit because every once in a while, I have relationship problems, and I think everybody can identify with that but [my character] Kevin, in this scenario, his wife’s been out here in these streets, let’s just say it like that. His wife been cruising. She don’t give a damn how she find it or how she get it. It’s like a junkie. You ever walk down a street and you see a dude just pick up a cigarette to see if they still got some tobacco left in there? That’s what my wife was out here doing. I once saw a junkie pick up nothing off the ground, he was just in such a habit of picking shit up, and I was like, yep, he on that dust.

What was it like filming the movie? It looks like a movie that would be really fun behind the scenes.

Yeah, we shot in Atlanta. It was a beautiful place to shoot. You have all kinds of characters in Atlanta, so a lot of characters would pop in and out of the movie. It was fun, because like I said before, on one hand, you’re telling jokes with a bunch of funny people but on the other hand, you’re in a car chase scene. You’re driving around Atlanta. You’re going over bridges. You’re doing stunts and falling off cliffs. People are getting hit by cars. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, and finally, I got to do it. And I think fans will be very impressed with how I do my own stunts because they came to me and they said, “For safety reasons and insurance reasons, we can’t have you doing your own stunts,” and I said, “Get the fuck out of my face. I can do what I want, you can’t tell me what to do.” Then I did my own stunts. Broke a few bones, threw some Robitussin on that and then it was all good.

You really broke a few bones?

I broke a few bones. I broke six ribs. I broke my arm. I broke my cranial. I broke my labia. And I was broken emotionally too because when I was there, my team had lost. The [Cleveland] Cavs had lost, and I was rooting for them so emotionally, I was hurt by that as well. My dad ain’t around. I come from a broken home, so a lot of things start building up inside of me.

Sounds very tender.

Yeah, very tender. Also, I didn’t really break any bones.

No broken labia? I just want to make sure.

No, my labia is intact. It is nice and perfect. If anybody out there wants to see an unbroken labia, just look on Instagram @lamorne.

Tell me about your music.

There’s this dude named The Homie Steve, who’s fantastic. If you’ve never heard of him, I don’t know what you’ve been doing or what you’ve been up to. You call this a music establishment, but y’all never heard of The Homie Steve and The Lamorning After Pill. It’s great. This is an alter ego of mine. It’s a comedy album I’m doing. I have Common and Andy Sandberg on there. We’re still recording right now so we put a few songs out just to test the waters and throw them out there. People love it so there’s more to come soon. Album dropping very soon. Right here on TIDAL.

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