Let Unstoppable Death Machines Take You To WastedLand

Let Unstoppable Death Machines Take You To WastedLand

A lot of us have likely been thinking about what a post-apocalyptic might look like, given current events. Artist Andrew H. Shirley, however, has been channeling those thoughts into a new film, WastedLand2,¬†and an accompanying music video from Brooklyn’s Unstoppable Death Machines for the song’s title track. We have the premiere of the latter today on TIDAL.

“While Andrew was shooting the film, he had asked UDM to contribute to the soundtrack,” the band’s Michael Tucci tells TIDAL of the Lost Boys-esque track, off the band’s LP KNOw Tomorrow. “Fast-forward a few months and we’re planning a music video that intertwines with the film’s narrative. Fast-forward another couple months and we’re shooting in the the dead of winter at all the original film’s locations, along with some reshoots with the film’s characters.”

A chaotic party of a video, we follow the band as they caper “on my way to WastedLand” with a variety of real-life vandals and graffiti artists, including¬†UFO907, Rambo, EKG, Smells, Noxer, Avoid, Wolftits and more. “The song, the film, the video, and the new album are all heavily influenced by New York-centric punk rock, spray paint, and reckless abandon,” Tucci adds.

You can watch the video right here, and if you’re so inclined, head to New York’s Knockdown Center on September 15 to see the full film and accompanying installation.

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