Liars: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Liars: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Angus Andrew is ever-shifting mastermind behind Liars: from sporting Die Antwoord locks for 2012′s WIXIW to donning a mask covered in multi-colored yarn for 2014′s Mess, to, finally, dressing like a virginal bride for newest release, TFCF. The only thing that remains consistent about Liars and Andrews is the band’s punk-leaning electronic melee of sound.

TFCF drops today (August 25) via Mute Records, and leading up to the release we spoke with Andrew about some of the music that fed into Liars’ sound. From smooth jazz to Guns N’ Roses, Andrew’ taste is just about as varied as his fashion choices.

Oh, and make sure to check out this exclusive backstage playlist that Andrew put together for us if you want an even deeper dive into his musical tastes.

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Michael Franks, The Art of Tea

This was a record that my dad was really into when I was a teenager. It’s super jazzy. I think the lyrics are really exciting to listen to because he’s super direct. I was listening to things like The Beatles and those sorts of things that you listen to when you’re a teenager, but I had this really soft spot for Michael Franks. And so I’ve gone on from The Art of Tea, which is his first record, and devoured the rest of his catalog. He’s made like 25 records or something.

You might want to check it out on your own, because I used to pull it out at parties when I was 17 when we were listening to, like, Black Sabbath. I’d put on this smooth jazz, people would not be happy.

Guns N’ Roses, Appetite for Destruction

I hadn’t started making music when I first heard Guns N’ Roses, and I don’t know if I really, fully appreciated how good that record is until I grew up a bit. You know, there are these things that happen once in a while, where all the stars align, or whatever they say, and a kind of amazing thing is created that can never be replicated again. I feel that way about that record.

Björk, Vespertine

I’ve always been a fairly decent Björk fan, especially when I was young. I thought girls that listened to Björk were super cool. For some reason that was important to me.

PJ Harvey, Is this Desire?

Obviously another sort of staggering artist for all sorts of reasons. That record in particular. She did a lot of interesting things with drum machines, and great bass synth sounds. I remember hearing [that record], way back when Liars were making our first record, and thinking, ‘I just wanna make a record like this. I don’t know how people do it, but that’s kind of what I want to try to do.’ Probably to this day I’m still trying to reach that goal.

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(Photo credit: Zen Sekizawa)

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