Lip Talk Is All About Communication Breakdown in New Video

Lip Talk Is All About Communication Breakdown in New Video

When  Sarah K. Pedinotti of Lip Talk set out to make a music video for her psychedelic-yet-sultry “After All,” she wanted to depict a kind of communication breakdown — with herself. “It’s about myself the delusion,” she told TIDAL.  “When two delusional ‘selves’ are struggling to see each other through their own fogginess.”

Consequently, the video is shrouded with colored fog, dancer Tyrone Bevans undulating through the smoke, Pedinotti herself wandering through it all in sequins and black. The gorgeous glitched-out track comes off of Lip Talk’s debut album, D A Y S, out January 25 on Northern Spy. And today, TIDAL has the exclusive premiere of the video for “After All.”

Pedinotti has been making music as Lip Talk for a few years now, but perhaps you might know her as a frequent member of Okkervil River and Kalbells. Nowadays, she’s been teaming up with her cousin, photographer and director Amana Picotte, on the visuals for this record — including “After All.”

“Our editor, Xander Naylor, a musician and composer himself, used the rhythm and flow of the music as a guide to manipulate the images of Tyrone’s dancing, creating an impactful sensory presentation combining the audio and visual components,” Pedinotti says. “Some choice moments in the video for ‘After All’ were also ‘guest’ edited by Will Sheff of Okkervil River while on tour in Europe.”

Check out the video below — and keep an eye out for more from Lip Talk.


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