Listen to Chris Crofton’s “Hello, It’s Me” Exclusively On TIDAL

Listen to Chris Crofton’s “Hello, It’s Me” Exclusively On TIDAL

Chris Crofton really digs finding beauty in the pain — the desolation and wistfulness in leaving a message for an ex that will never get answered, the futile search for life on other planets.

“My songs are all meditations on trying to turn something bad into something beautiful,” he says. “Everyone’s mortality makes everyone a little bit wistful, too. Not everybody thinks about their mortality as much as me, though — I don’t think…”

TIDAL has the premiere of one such song today, “Hello, It’s Me,” off of Crofton’s upcoming album by the same name — out June 22 on Arrowhawk Records. A mournful, night drive of a track, the single is the perfect complement to your next breakup blues session.

“I’m leaving a message for my ex-girlfriend; the whole record’s about a breakup that happened before I left Nashville,” Crofton, who now lives in L.A., tells TIDAL. “Right before I left, I lived for a year in this tiny 300 square foot apartment — in a shed, basically, above a garage. I had no kitchen and I had no bathroom door. I was there whenever I wasn’t waiting tables, and I started writing songs. Historically, I’ve written songs when a relationship has ended. I don’t need a breakup to write songs, but it tends to happen when that happens — if I care about the person. Which I always do.”

The album features a passel of heavy-hitters, perhaps due to Crofton’s rep as a cult musician and comedian. Jim James of My Morning Jacket, members of Bully and Houndmouth, and Matt Rowland (Kasey Musgraves, Rayland Baxter, Bobby Bare Jr., Caitlin Rose) all make cameos.

Check out “Hello, It’s Me” right here — and stay tuned for more from Crofton.

(Photo credit: Kristy Benjamin)

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