Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’ Is Very Fitting For This Astrological Period

Lorde’s ‘Melodrama’ Is Very Fitting For This Astrological Period

TIDAL Scopes is a new series in which our resident astrologer, Annabel Gat, looks to the stars to see what’s in store for the latest releases. Next up, we have Lorde’s new record, Melodrama, out today (June 16) .

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Melodrama. Not a bad title for an album released on the day that Neptune begins its retrograde: June 16. Good job, Lorde! Neptune is the planet of fantasy, creativity and artistry, but it’s also the planet of illusions and delusions, so whenever it stops in the sky to begin a retrograde we often feel an intensity of both the higher and lower qualities of this nebulous planet. The atmosphere is both whimsical and confusing, with a touch of sadness contrasted against our need for hope — sort of like the track “Supercut.”

The planetary weather during the week of this album’s release is not easy. The sun, a symbol for health, wealth and happiness, opposes Saturn, the planet of fears and obstacles, on June 15. What does this mean for us? Managing issues around fear and rejection will be major. Track “Hard Feelings/Loveless” totally gets this planetary transit!

That’s not the only Saturn situation we will be facing during the time of this album’s release — Mercury, the planet of communication, will oppose Saturn, too, on June 18. During this time, you might not feel like you’re being heard. Sing along to “Writer in the Dark” if you have something hard you need get out.

The Saturnian energy that is taking place during the time of this album’s release can feel like a huge block in our way, but it does serve a purpose, allowing us to cut ties with what no longer works for us.

Spending time alone is the best way to work this energy, as having space to think without distraction will help bring clarity; play tracks “Sober” and “Liability” as you take a much-needed walk to clear your head.

Melodrama is coming out during Gemini season (and we all know Geminis love drama), but soon after its release, Cancer season will begin; the sun enters Cancer on June 20. We think of Cancer as being an emotional, sensitive energy, however it is a Cardinal sign, which means it’s the first sign of a season (summer, in this case), making it an initiator, a go-getter.

Crabs are known for being tenacious even if they have a reputation for being cautious. Melodrama’s first track, “Green Light,” is a fantastic anthem for new beginnings — the fresh start Cancer season brings and that we definitely need after the darkness that Saturn confronted us with earlier this month!

Annabel Gat is a Brooklyn based astrologer who grew up on Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson. Check out her daily and monthly horoscope column at www.broadly.vice.com.

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