Los Colognes: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Los Colognes: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Los Colognes are currently on the road to promote their brand new record, The Wave, and they’re making a stop at this weekend’s Meadows Festival in New York (TIDAL will also be in attendance). Leading up the fest, the band took some time out to chat with us about some records that changed their lives.

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Michael Jackson, Thriller

I remember discovering the joy of movement [to that record] — and dancing. From a really young age, I got the rhythm and the melodies. That production and Michael’s ability to use the voice as a human instrument… Obviously we’re doing music today that’s pretty far removed from that sort of disco-y, pop, soul, whatever thing that was going on. But we have a certain fundamental appreciation for the joy of rhythm and melody. For me, that was the first album to show me that. - Jay Rutherford

Radiohead, OK Computer

I remember very, very, specifically I was in study hall in high school and my buddy had his Discman with the new Radiohead album in it. He gave me headphones and was like, ‘Listen to this.’ It was like outer space music to my ears at the time.  - Aaron “Mort” Mortenson

The Beatles, Revolver

For me, Revolver is kind of like their crowning achievement. That album — just the way they were putting their feet into the water of psychedelic territory, but they still had the core of the pop side. - Mortenson

Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited

I first got really into the Dylan thing in my early twenties. I had heard some of his more singer-songwriter-y, existential protest songs and those songs were doing it for me, for sure. But then when I heard Highway 61, it was like a big hug. - Rutherford

J.J. Cale, Naturally

It changes the way you hear music. And it changes the way you hear whole ideas and jazz. He tries to bring the entire American music experience into a place that is just honest, and it doesn’t feel like it’s bringing in twenty different things. It’s just really good music.

He’s the coolest you can be. Revolver is cool — like holy shit that’s cool. J.J. Cale is cool in other ways. The dude is just so fucking chill. You’re like, ‘I want to hang out with that guy.’ But it’s just like, ‘Holy smokes, like, where did he come up with that?’ Right? He’s got it, whatever that ‘it’ thing is. But, well, he’s got it. – Mortenson

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