Lucky Moon: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Lucky Moon: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Lucky Moon is a Danish-American duo consisting of Christian Hjelm and Sarah Hepburn.

Both veteran musicians in their own right, Hjelm is best known for fronting the Danish indie rock band Figurines, while Hepburn is best known for her work as a soli singer-songwriter who made her debut back in 2005. Drawing from a mix of americana, folk and alternative rock, the pair are newly out with their Feed on the Night EP, an infectious and comforting batch of tunes perfect for campfires and the friends who come to sit and share around them.

With Hjelm’s natural gift for crafting catchy tunes mixed with Hepburn’s ability to create just the right authentic and crispy atmosphere, the two seem like a perfect fit. It also doesn’t hurt that the vocal harmonies bare a close resemblance to that of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. But the nostalgia doesn’t stop there: Feed on the Night is recorded in mono which further adds to the intimate atmosphere.

Below, Hjelm and Hepburn talk about five albums that changed their lives.

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The Carpenters: Close To You

Sarah: During my childhood in Chicago I would sometimes secretly watch my parents slow dance on late evenings in the parlor to the sounds of different tracks from their cassette collection. Their choice of The Carpenters was always a favorite of mine. Both the melancholic purity of Karen Carpenter’s voice and the harmonies between her and Richard Carpenter were very comforting to me. I carried a lot of these harmonies with me throughout my early musical upbringing.


Bob Dylan: Desire

Christian: As a child I picked out this album from my parents’ cassette collection because the cover fascinated me. I thought Dylan looked like a mix between a cowboy and an Indian, and I fell for that. The music really got to me and I sensed a special kind of magic in the harmonies between him and Emmylou Harris. That feeling never left me and Sarah and I have even covered “Oh Sister.” Truly a great album!


Éliane Radigue: Kyema, Intermediate States

Sarah: Kyema drew me in immediately when I head it for the first time. Éliane Radigue creates other-worldly, meditative soundscapes full of subtle transitions. Her works move me deeply and nourish my own passion for texture in music while reminding me also to keep after an intuitive approach to creating. When Christian and I recorded Feed on the Night, it was important for us to portray things in a very intimate and natural way, capturing all the delicate details of the instruments, the voices and the room we were in. Éliane Radigue has inspired me to pay close attention to texture when I work in the studio.


Cocteau Twins: Heaven Or Las Vegas

Christian: The first time I heard this album I felt as if it had come from a parallel universe, as if the songs didn’t belong in any time frame and the words were in some unknown language. And yet, it all made perfect sense. Heaven Or Las Vegas still sounds like something that could have been made today - or years from now! Songs like “Cherry-coloured Funk”, “Pitch The Baby” or “Iceblink Luck” still astound me with their spectacular complexity and smooth, innovative melodies and arrangements.


The Beach Boys: Sunflower

Christian & Sarah: We both love The Beach Boys and this album is a mutual favorite. The quality of the songwriting and the production is really remarkable; tracks like “All I Wanna Do,” “Forever” and “Our Sweet Love” continue to mesmerize us. Although the album was released in 1970, many of the recordings took place in the late 1960s making it even more amazing to us how advanced and ahead of it’s time this album still sounds and feels.

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