Martellus Bennett Morphs into a Lyrical Superhero for ‘WNDR TWNS’ EP

Martellus Bennett Morphs into a Lyrical Superhero for ‘WNDR TWNS’ EP

Martellus Bennett is his own superhero. Under the rap moniker Martysaurus Rex, the former Super Bowl champion and creative director of awesomeness for his creative firm, the Imagination Agency, dons his cape alongside his wife’s best friend and singer ChrissZoe for his new EP. Listen to the exclusive premiere of his WNDR TWNS project on TIDAL and dig into Marty’s track-by-track breakdown below.

The name of your project is the WNDR TWNS. Why did you decide to call it that?

Martellus Bennett: A lot of people don’t realize that the Wonder Twins were two superheroes from back in the day. They were brother and sister, guy and girl, so when I talked to [my collaborator and singer] Chriss about doing an album together ’cause it’s all about them with me and her I was like, It’ll be a really cool album as the Wonder Twins ’cause we’re teaming up to make all this music together.’

Let’s break down the EP. “Sky High” sounds like a superhero anthem.

Yeah, definitely. I like a lot of jazz ’cause I grew up playing in a band so I like a lot of instruments. I like a lot of stuff that’s funky and with my voice and Chriss’ voice, it’s a play on the whole Wonder Twins thing. It’s like you know we are our own superheroes. [The line] ‘hands up, touch the sky’ is really about how a lot of superheroes take off they, they stick their arms in the sky before they about to take flight so for me, it’s really about just being my own superhero but being a black superhero at the same time.

You also note “being on colored people time.”

I just think the idea of being a black superhero and showing up late is kinda funny to me. I say things when I wanna say things. I’m on my own time. I’m not really on the world’s time. I pick and choose to show up to the causes that I wanna show up to.

You definitely insert your humor into the songs you write.

Well, I try to. I think it’s funny that I’m even rapping. Sometimes, I try to make it fit my personality. I’m goofy but I got bars too, just gotta make sure that the music is fun ’cause most of my music is what I call ‘rooftop rap’ so like my music is like the soundtrack to brunch.

You kind of play off 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” for “Happy Birthday.” What inspired that?

Well, 50 Cent was one of my favorite rappers growing up, but I wrote that song for my own birthday. I just really like the idea of a party, so, again, it’s like a house party. I imagine it for the soundtrack of a function so if you having a barbecue or brunch, at the house, it’s a party but it’s not super over the top like in the club. It’s like an intimate gathering and everyone is there to celebrate whoever’s birthday it.

With “Dancing Shoes,” I can imagine people cutting a rug and letting loose. Describe the event that made you write that song.

I wrote that song like a week before my birthday and I was planning a party. TLC, Tyga and Chris Brown did a song not too long ago where they rented a mansion [for the video]. It was like a pool party and I was like, ‘Oh, we need to make a song for this party,’ so that party was kind of like the whole idea of that song.

For track four “Vibes,” you switch up the tempo a little bit. Is it because it’s a song about having chemistry with someone?

I usually can contextualize the songs, but I thought about being in the club and how everyone trying to kick it with you in the club. I just thought it’ll be really cool to have the guy like spit his game toward the girl and the girl having her response to the guy.

How long did it take you guys to record this project?

Everything we did was pretty effortless because Chriss is really talented. She writes very well so I would have this idea for this song and this is how it goes. I’ll write my verse and she’ll do her thing and everything was pretty smooth.

For the final song, “Rav4,” I automatically thought about the Kanye West line: “What you think I rap for, to push a fuckin’ Rav 4?” It’s also part Tupac tribute and empowerment song. 

There’s a lot of party vibes throughout the whole thing, but at the same time when you chillin’ with your friends and everyone rollin’ up, sometimes you talk about deeper things. I just wanted to basically have a conversation so when I was like, ‘Let’s Netflix and chill while these niggas getting killed,’ everyone’s like there’s so much shit going on in the world, we’re too busy Netflix and chilling to do a thing about it. I still kept it kinda funny, too.

I didn’t want to preach but I kind of wanted people to think like, ‘Oh it’s kinda funny when you think about a lot of things that’s going on in the world’ and what we do in
between. At the same time, you know we still out here doing superhero things.

Listen to Martysaurus Rex’s WNDR TWNS EP below.

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