Meet The Parents: Eric and Robin Slick

Meet The Parents: Eric and Robin Slick

Eric Slick of Dr. Dog is out with his first solo record, Palisades, now. It’s a work that Slick made during a season of meditation and reflection, one that saw him stepping out from behind the drum kit into the role of frontman.

Lucky for Eric, his mom Robin has had his back through it all, despite the fact that she has no musical abilities of her own…or so she says. She does, apparently, write quite the steamy erotic novel. Get to know more about Mrs. Slick below:

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Do you have a musical background? If so, explain!
Kind of. My father was a jazz musician in the Buddy Rich band and my husband/Eric’s dad, who was my high school sweetheart, is a talented guitarist who turned me on to all kinds of music when I was a young girl. But the talent gene skipped me.

It’s so frustrating, loving music the way I do and knowing so much about musicians and music history, but I am hopeless at every instrument I’ve tried. Guitar, piano, flute, clarinet…total fail. And as for my singing…and how I love to sing, let’s just say that whenever I sang in the car when Eric was a child, his little hand would come up from the backseat and hit me in the head. He has perfect pitch and I think I truly injured him.

Who are some of your favorite musicians?
John Lennon, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Robin Trower, Adrian Belew, The Who (original members), Kinks, King Crimson…help, stop me…

Tell us a bit about your job. I hear you write books?
I have a few published, yeah. Oy, OK, here it comes. Three of my books are erotic comedies and one is a very creative nonfiction memoir that I guess could be described as chick lit. What can I say? I had a good time writing all four. The erotic comedies had a brief brush with fame when I was contacted by a pretty famous Hollywood producer who wanted to turn them into an HBO Sex and the City type television series but, and this could only happen to me, he was diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer and died within weeks. Horrible story and naturally I wrote about it; the whole sordid tale was published in Smith Magazine right here.

Does Eric read your books? What does he think of them?
Ha ha, I hope not. Eric is very cerebral…his taste is very, very deep… I think when he was a teenager, my books probably embarrassed him, but now he’s like, ‘Oh, that’s my wacky hippie Mom.’

What kind of music has Eric exposed you to?
Oh my God, Eric turned me on to Frank Zappa! Before he made me sit down and listen twenty years ago (when he was ten), I thought Zappa was a weirdo who wrote about dental floss, but as you can see from my favorite musicians, I tend to like stuff out of the UK in the sixties. These days Eric will mention ‘new’ bands to me like Tame Impala and most of the time, he’s spot on.

What’s it like having a musician as a son?
It’s surreal and fantastic. If you had asked me as a young woman, what do I hope my child will be when he is an adult, I never would have wished for a doctor or lawyer. I mean, of course I would wish for whatever makes him happy, but to think that I gave birth to someone who stood up in his crib, before he could speak, and banged out perfect rhythm along with Ginger Baker when I’d play old Cream records…man, it’s the best thing ever.

Any perks?
Hell, yeah. I got to go on tour with him eight years ago all over the country on a five-week tour, selling merch. I get to stand on the stage during Dr. Dog concerts. I get to do stuff like this interview. And mostly, I get to walk around with a smile on my face every day.

Any advice for fellow parents of musicians?
Sure. Chill out and enjoy it. Your child is doing what he/she loves.

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