Which Solo Beatle Does Miles Kane Most Identify With?

Which Solo Beatle Does Miles Kane Most Identify With?

Miles Kane just put out his ode to love lost and gained (plus wrestling, of course), Coup De Grace – taking some time out to chat with TIDAL about all of the above.

The solo musician and frontman of the Last Shadow Puppets teamed up with pal Jamie T in part on this record, as well as Lana Del Rey, who collaborated on the track “Loaded.” It dropped on August 10 via Virgin EMI, boasting 10 tracks that heavily recall the early ’00s, when bands like the Fratellis and Franz Ferdinand captured the headphones of the college set.

Read on to hear more from Kane about his new album — and his definition of love.

On lessons learned from wrestling… I can see a likeness. I love when we do gigs and [there’s] the walk-on, the stage, the lights, getting the music right. I get that part of what we do stems from the intros of wrestlers. It’s theatrical and I love that. That’s something that really gets me going — the sort of over-the-top-ness of it. It’s rock & roll, you know? [My favorite wrestler is] my boy, Finn Bálor.

On favorite Beatles solo projects… I first discovered John Lennon’s solo career and I watched that film called Gimme Me Some Truth as a kid — there’s a song on the album called “Gimme Me Some Truth” that’s a real angry, venomous song, about a lot of stuff that’s pissing him off. The way he sings it, he’s ripping his [vocal] chords. It kind of blew my mind. So I really delved into his solo work for years and years. That was all I listened to for a long time.

But I think, the older I get, I love McCartney. I love that song, ‘Every night I just want to go out and get out of my head…’ I respect McCartney, him as a man, and the way he is and his nature; I find it really humbling and it’s something to aspire to be.

On his definition of love… Love is a beautiful thing… when you fall deep in love, it’s the best thing ever. I’ve probably only ever fallen probably once or twice really deep and when that moment happens, when you’re intimate with someone and you share moments — that’s probably the best thing in the world.

Then, when it starts to go a bit funny or it starts to diminish, it’s not quite working, then that can be really confusing. How can it go from one thing to another? But that’s just a thing that happens. On this record, I wanted to explore those things that I went through.

On writing music while in and out of love… I think whether you’re in something or out of it, ultimately it depends on where you are as a person, how you feel. Whether you’re motivated and excited by life. … It just happens that I was going through something and I wanted to make sense of it.

There’s something about writing about things that frustrate you or melancholy songs… I don’t think necessarily you’ve got to go through it. Roy Orbison was always writing quite sad, melancholy and grandiose songs but he was happily married and deeply in love and he had kids.

On inspiration… I always put little things on my phone in my voice memos or in my notes, usually when I’m walking down the street, doing a melody or something like that. It happens a lot that when I listen back, it’s just absolute bollocks. But you have to do it, just in case.

I’ve definitely had moments when I’m in bed and about to go to sleep then that thing I just described, happens. I’ve had moments like that. Even if you’re really tired, it happens. It’s kind of really annoying, because you kind of get a bit awake and it’s hard to try to get back to sleep. Then you wake up in the morning and [you listen back] and it’s you mumbling into your phone. It’s like, ‘What the fuck is that?’

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