Moor Mother Tells Us How To D.I.Y. Time Travel

Moor Mother Tells Us How To D.I.Y. Time Travel

Mirrors, music, poetry, these are all ways we can time travel, according to experimental musician Moor Mother (a.k.a. Camae Ayewa).

TIDAL caught with the Philly artist at the 2017 Northside Festival to find out more about her music (her setlists tend to be spur-of-the-moment affairs based on the audience at hand) and Black Quantum Futurism, a theory and practice that she created and passes on to others via workshops and performative readings.

One such workshop has to do with D.I.Y. time travel, which she says has to do with “time as a social construct” and finding “everyday ways to time travel.”

Ayewa’s most recent record (a collaboration with Mental Jewelry), Crime Waves, came out this summer via Don Giovanni records and deals with “systematic violence and racism,” according to a release. Those subjects are a constant when it comes to Ayewa’s music, which is powerful, striking and well-worth a stream, to put it mildly.

Get a taste of her work via our video below, which also features excerpts from her Northside performance.

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