Mozes and the Firstborn Exclusively Premiere “Blow Up”

Mozes and the Firstborn Exclusively Premiere “Blow Up”

The New Year is all about new beginnings, but also acknowledging the pain and hardships we’ve had to wade through to get to the proverbial end of tunnel light. Today, Mozes and the Firstborn is exclusively premiering their new song, “Blow Up,” on TIDAL — the perfect accompaniment to that kind of messy rebirth.

The Dutch garage band is out with their new album, Dadcore, on January 25 via Burger Records. For their third record, the quartet teamed up with producer/mixer Chris Coady (Beach House, Slowdive) and Roland Cosio (together PANGEA, Fuzz). Leader singer/guitarist Melle Dielesen describes the new song and the songwriting process below:

I wrote ‘Blow Up’ after seeing a friend in a bad place mentally. I judged him at first. But then I realized I wasn’t too far from being in that place myself. It’s about acknowledging the fact that people suffer. I do. You do. We all do. When I listen to it now it reminds me that we’re all in this together. And we should try to help each other out.

‘Blow Up’ was born out of a jam in the rehearsal space. Corto [Blommaert]┬ástarted playing this bass riff and we all joined in. Most of it was right there in that first moment. It was really quite special, a new step for us as songwriters. We bounced a demo back and forth until we felt confident to go into the studio. [Drummer] Raven [Aartsen] really picked the best ingredients the four of us had to offer and baked a sweet little cake out of them. Chris Coady mixed the track and really put the cherry on top. And of course some of that sweet whipped cream.

(Photo Credit: Nick Helderman)

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