Mvstermind’s “What Are You Listening To?”

Mvstermind’s “What Are You Listening To?”

Rising St. Louis rapper Mvstermind takes TIDAL through his current rotation in this playlist. His most recent single, “More,” is out now.


Jordan Ward, “LaLa Land”
Nothing as strong as the home grown. When I’m in LA in feel like I’m in LaLa Land. Listening to this song, it describes that feeling vividly.  It Feels like a California lucid dream.

Saba, “Busy/Sirens”
Saba’s project, Take Care, dropped and I didn’t know that I needed something to mentally heal. This track did it for me. It created a feeling inside that was right on time. I believe after hearing this for the first time, I went straight to the studio to get some expressing off my chest.

Denzel Curry, “Sumo”
This song literally feels as big and heavy as the title itself. I was mentally in a weak place, “Sumo” came on, and I had the strength to flip that depressive, heavy baggage out of my face and get to work. No excuse to NOT have my pockets on swole. Denzel Curry’s presence too big… RIKISHI.

J. Cole, “Kevin’s Heart”
I’m a rapper, with every intent on staying true to my love. THIS SHIT HITS HOME. Temptation is real, especially when this rap world literally shoves it in your face, but what you VALUE is even realer. J. Cole channeled pure honesty and laid it on a track.

Bobbi Humphrey, “Uno Esta”
I start damn near EVERY day with some transcendental jazz. Bobbi Humphrey prepares me for my daily tasks. I enter into my zone, I prep, I get my affirmations popping, I clock in and I gets to WERK.  “Uno Esta” is LIT.

Dayo Bello, “You”
The chord progressions in this song are off-kilter, twisting and unexpected. An upward spiral, and about the time the track finishes, you can feel the cloud on yall toes. Boy, this track sounds like pure love, and that non generic love sh**.

Little Simz, “Backseat”
The emotion and flow that Little Simz emits is like none other. The trap-esque beat is filled with story and character, sprinkled with a few live instruments. She’s one of my personal favorites. I definitely was the black sheep.

Ab-Soul, Anderson .Paak, James Blake, “Bloody Waters”
Three of my personal favorites on track. It was refreshing to listen to, especially in the time period where trendy music can actually bread stagnanicity in creativity. These three wave makers help me confidently pave my own path, my own sound. This hit home for me.

Steve Lacy, “Dark Red”
This song feels like I’m running down a never ending entrancing tunnel THAT I ACCIDENTALLY CREATED ON PURPOSE… WHAT A FEELING.

A.Chal, “Matrix”
This dude channels the vibes unlike any other. It’s like his presence melts into the beat and they re-emerge as one. Every time. Every damn time.

Tyler, The Creator, “Garden Shed”
Tyler is definitely one of our premier innovators in this music game right now. His approach blends my dream samples into a malleable world of new creations. From the chord progressions, to Estelle’s vocals, this is retro-futuristic vibes for the win.


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