Nap Eyes: What Are You Listening To?

Nap Eyes: What Are You Listening To?

Canada’s Nap Eyes just dropped their latest album, I’m Bad Now, and, to celebrate, singer Nigel Chapman put together the following playlist of tracks he’s currently into…all inspired by the concept of being bad.

* * *

Green Day, “Geek Stink Breath”
Ironic, self-loathing fatalism that at the same time affirms a person’s decision/non-decision to live the way that they do.

Fiona Apple, “A Mistake”
Similar to ‘Geek Stink Breath,’ in this one Apple sings about the importance of deliberately giving yourself space to screw up.

The Carter Family, “John Hardy”
‘John hardy was a desperate little man; he carried two guns every day; he shot a man on the West Virginia line and you watched him, John Hardy, getting away.’

Filter, “Take A Picture”
‘Can everyone agree that no one should be left alone?’

Tucker Zimmerman, “No Love Lost”
The narrator is lamenting mistakes and what it means to be unkind. He isn’t calling anyone evil, only getting sad at the way we reduce one another

Louvin Brothers, “Satan’s Jeweled Crown”
What could be more bad than wearing the very crown of Satan? Bet the metal gets quite hot against your head

Richard and Linda Thompson, “Has He Got a Friend for Me”
This one is feeling bad about your looks and your wits. The narrator doesn’t think she can find someone on her own, so relies on her friend to ask her new boyfriend if he can bring someone who will put up with her shortcomings.

Burning Spear, “Give Me”
‘Get up every day, only want to receive; get up every day, only want to receive; you never ever think to give away; you never ever think to give away — but you must: give me what is mine…’

Negative Gemini, “Bad Baby”
[Editor's Note: No explanation apparently needed]

Janet Jackson,”Go Deep”
Pretty self-explanatory: about doing all sorts of naughty things until the morning light.

Hank Williams, “Lost Highway”
This fellow seems to have been living in a bad way, but he still cares to offer a warning to young folks on how to avoid making the same mistakes he’s made. In fact, we might be tempted to say, he has a heart of gold, after all’s said and done.

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