Navy Gangs: What Are You Listening To?

Navy Gangs: What Are You Listening To?

We are Navy Gangs, a song team based out of the ever so sprawling New York City. We are here today, each one of us, to share with you some pieces of music that in someway has guided, formed or shaped our sounds of our record, POACHED, into your ears.

Since there are four of us, you will be delivered an eclectic taste of each of our own personal preferences on the art of sound. Enjoy and stay safe out there, the world is a big place. Love, Navy Gangs.

* * *

Tirzah, “Gladly”
This song came out recently and I’ve been listening to it a lot. – Matt

Tweet, “Addicted”
This is one of my favorite songs and everyone should hear it. – Matt

(Sandy) Alex G, “Water”
I love this song it puts you in a deep dark hole, but in a good way. – Matt

Bob Dylan, “Sign on the Window”
Made me cry once driving to work, lol. Super simple arrangement with full horns and singers that are sparsely and powerfully used. – Wilson

Francis Bebey, “Coffee Cola Song”
Boppy tune that universally breaks down the good and bad of social judgement. The whole album is amazing; keep it on loop. – Wilson

Arthur Russell, “What It’s Like”
Orchestration, pacing, tactile but not too tight instrumentation; it’s just a sweet, sweet song. – Wilson

Sun Ra & His Arkestra, “Lanquidity”
Swirling microcosm of lo-fi jazz experimentalism all recorded in a collective cosmic conscious spiraling about the entire studio. – Noah

Neil Young, “Everybody’s Alone”
I am currently reading his biography, and I feel this song really strikes a chord in the idea of the innate lonesomeness that swirls amongst all of us, whether it is the alienation of the city or the widespread grandiosity of nature, everybody is alone… plus those Danny Whitten guitar lines always sneak up on ya! – Noah

Headroom, “Flower of Light”
More of a sound-biome than a song, but this track’s hallucinatory bends and turns really shifts your mind to alternate reality… – Noah

Tom Waits, “Alice”
It sounds pretty. – Eric

Lou Reed, “Make Up”
It’s a great song 10/10. – Eric

Ornella Vanoni, “L’appuntamento”
It’s so pretty. – Eric

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