Ohmme: What Are You Listening To?

Ohmme: What Are You Listening To?

Chicago’s Ohmme are releasing their debut album, Parts, on August 24 via Joyful Noise. To celebrate, the band put together the below playlist of some of their favorite tracks.

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“Keep On Doing What You Do/Jerks on the Loose,” The Roches
I did a Roches cover night with Kelly Hogan and Nora O’Connor in Chicago in late 2017, and although I was somewhat familiar with the Roches, that gave me a deep dive. Since then, we’ve been listening to it a ton together. It really inspires us to take unison singing to the next level. It’s so powerful. And don’t get us started on their harmonies and the unique and incredulous songwriting. This song also feels like a very appropriate song for these times. A nice anthem to prop up the ladies and let all the creepers and misogynistic assholes out there know what’s up.-Sima

“Eghass Malan,” Les Filles De Illighadad 
This whole record is absolutely incredible, so I decided to choose the title track. This band includes one of my favorite guitar players right now, Fatou Seidi Ghali, who also happens to be the first woman Tuareg guitar player. You feel like you are sitting in the room with the band when you listen to this record because it feels so intimate and immediate. I also love the interplay between the guitar playing and the vocals, the textures co-exist so perfectly. – Macie

“Driving Me Backwards,” Brian Eno
I can’t really get enough of listening to this album front to back. I think the songwriting is brilliant and sneering. Brian Eno is a mad scientist. I love the Jaws-like piano, and the melody is just so strange and unforgettable. Claps. – Sima

“Running up that Hill” – Kate Bush
Kate Bush is GOAT. She produced the entirety of Hounds of Love by herself, and this song is one of my favorites. Every time the chorus comes in, I can’t stop myself from singing it at the top of my lungs and bopping up and down. It’s such a wall of sound, yet still manages to move me all the way to the end. One of my favorite van songs. – Macie

“Private Idaho,” B-52′s
I remember listening to this song with my best friend Zoe throughout our 5th grade summer vacation because it was hilarious, catchy and we knew all the words. I came back to the B-52s as an adult and appreciate them in this whole other way. We actually covered this song at Sima’s festival, Postock, last summer. The vocal intro from Kate and Cindy is so fucking eccentric and unique that you instantly know what band you are about to listen to. Combine that with the most aggressively catchy guitar riff and some loose lyrical metaphors for isolation and you’ve got one of our favorite songs. Honestly they may be our favorite band. – Macie

“Natural Ni Koishite,” Perfume 
appreciate the art of a perfectly executed pop song and this is such a good example. The first time I heard it, I couldn’t get it out of my head. It combines these earworm melodies with the craziest production aspects, like the synth bass tone that is used throughout the song and the way the constant rhythmics interplay. It’s straightforward enough to reach millions of people but contains enough ingenuity and true experimentation to stand out against the classic mainstream pop we are fed every day. Long story short, this song is a banger, and I listen to it on every tour. -Macie

“Girl Loves Me,” David Bowie
We don’t need to go into the crazy mythology of this song — but look it up online. It is wild and spooky. Well, we both love David Bowie so gosh dang much, and this record — no one has ever made such a grand final statement. The lyrics — from old British circus slang mixed with Clockwork Orange. It’s wild, but really also just a beautiful song. One thing I love about David Bowie’s voice is that he makes you want to bellow out his songs with him, and this song in particular really does that for us on this record. – Ohmme

“So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad),” The Everly Brothers
This is a perfect song. Harmony, simplicity and effortless execution make me want to cry and play it on repeat over and over. – Ohmme

“Don’t Touch,” Norma Tanega
Really fell in love with this song on the road. I’m a fan of when lyrics/tone of a song are somewhat mismatched. I love the very direct, and appropriate for our times, chorus — “Don’t touch people” — but the song is so easy-going and laid-back. It’s like someone is giving someone very serious life advice while propped up on a beach towel. – Sima

“Star Witness,” Neko Case
Neko Case is one of my favorite songwriters, and this was the first song I ever heard from her. It has especially stuck with me since it was written about her time in Chicago, witnessing both beauty and violence in the city. The typical romantic love song never came easily to me, and this song was a revelation because I felt like a door had been opened for so many other subjects that could be written about. None of the songs on our new record Parts are romantic love songs, and I think this song had a really special influence on our perception of what a song could be. – Macie

“Maria Tambien,” Khruangbin
I think this record has finally replaced — or at least created an alternative for — what I would put on at a party in a pinch. That was always Buena Vista Social Club for — I think my entire life. One of those albums that you inherit from your parents. But I think this album is just flawless and has a perfect vibe all the way through. Particularly fond of the guitar lines in this song and the claps/percussion breakdowns. I love claps. – Sima

“The Hype,” Shopping
Very, very fun record. Love the songs. Love the sound of the band. Really hope to see them or run into them somewhere on the road because we can’t stop putting this record on. - Ohmme

“Everything is Free,” Gillian Welch
Time, The Revelator is one of my all-time favorite albums. This song — it’s just so brilliant. It sounds and feels like a 100-year-old song but it’s about the very contemporary challenges of being a musician in the current music industry. That’s the genius of Gillian Welch. I think one of the greatest songwriters of our generation. – Sima

“Chinese Apple,” Loose Fur
One of our favorite songs ever. – Ohmme

(Photo credit: Maren Celest)

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