On Tour With: A Deer a Horse

On Tour With: A Deer a Horse

Brooklyn, New York-based rock trio A Deer a Horse’s imposing and confounding music never lets up and neither do they. The urgent vocals and guitar of Rebecca Satellite find a forceful bounce with Dylan Teggart’s drums, only to be supported and guided alongside Angela Phillips’ bass. This form of noise rock is fueled by each member’s habits and tendencies on the road.

A Deer a Horse spoke to TIDAL about their individual and communal efforts to keep clear-headed on the road and in their performance.

On time alone during tour….I think we get along on tour, but we definitely appreciate time alone. Honestly, we are pretty good about getting enough sleep. I eat better on tour, better than at home, because he [Dylan] is so healthy that we’ll be at the grocery store and I am too embarrassed to eat the shit food I would buy (laughing). He’ll get a salad and I’ll look at my basket of chips and say, ‘Nevermind, I’ll get a salad too.’

We don’t do a lot of heavy drinking. We’re really committed to playing our best shows, so we’re not suffering through tour. We get up early and go where we got to go. We aren’t really dragging our asses out of bed.

We don’t need to take time away from each other. Dylan will just go on a run. We go for walks. - Satellite




On maintaining strength through tour…We’ll find somewhere to go run or find a gym. Angela and I will do exercises in the back before a show and warm up together. - Teggart

Dylan and I will go to a gym and weight-lift the day of a show. - Phillips

There’s no way you can survive, otherwise. If you don’t, you’ll be done. Angela has a physical job. I biked eight miles before I got here and was at the gym. We could play tonight. If we didn’t work out, we’d be drained. - Teggart

It has a lot to do with lethargy. If you’re stuck in a car all day, it’s going to make you that much more tired… - Satellite

…it’s the opposite of our nature. It will affect our performance. - Teggart


On the weirdest sleeping situation… Oh, in the woods. In our car. - Teggart

Yeah, we fucked up real bad. We played a show in Pittsburgh and it was the last show of that tour. This was a few tours ago and we didn’t have anywhere to stay in Pittsburgh, so we said, ‘Let’s just drive back to New York.’ If you’ve never driven in Pennsylvania, it’s always the worst drive. - Phillips

Not unless you take that other highway, the northern highway… - Teggart

…no, it’s always the worst. - Phillips

On tour accommodations… It’s always really nice that we’re lucky in terms of the people we stay with. We’re all from different parts of the country. Having some one-on-one time with a friend you haven’t seen in a while during breakfast and then being on the road again. It definitely keeps you really happy. - Satellite


On the most peculiar venue played whilst on tour… Ahhhhh, the city museum in St. Louis. My friend’s dad built it. It’s a giant, interactive museum with tunnels and slides. It’s like an amusement park for adults. He got us a gig in the cafe upstairs before a nighttime show and it was spooky. There was all this net curtain and puppets and dolls. - Satellite

Like a Discovery Zone. Or Chuck E. Cheese. - Phillips

On a story from the road to a venue… Well, we did get stuck in a ditch at the bottom of a hill in North Carolina. It was just very steep and unpaved. The owner of the place swore there as another way around. It had construction debris in it. We all agreed we shouldn’t have done it, but we did it anyway. - Phillips

The whole audience and the other bands that had played helped us. It was actually very nice. - Satellite

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