On Tour With: Dirty Dishes

On Tour With: Dirty Dishes

Jenny Tuite and Liz Klehm are “besties.” The girls, two thirds of the rock band Dirty Dishes, live together, rock out together, lace up their Docs together and, well, you get the point: they’re inseparable.

Tuite, the band’s singer and guitarist, and Klehm, the drummer and band’s newest member, are the type that finish each other’s sentences, so it’s no surprise that they decided to bring their collective synergy to the stage. “We always just have fun,” Tuite tells TIDAL.

Right now, the girls are working on their second LP, a followup to the band’s 2015 debut, Guilty. “We’re forcing ourselves to say no to shows for the next two months, unless it’s the dopest show ever,” Tuite says.

Despite their decision to pause on performing, the besties did, however, make some time to talk to TIDAL about the experiences they’ve had on tour — from Klehm’s middle school band to their hilarious experiences on the road today.

* * *

On first shows… “We played at this space. It was in Boston. It was called Outpost 1. It was a cool art space. It was fun. This guy actually played on pots and pans before we played.” – Tuite

“It was probably in middle school. And I was in a jam band. And I jammed with other middle schoolers. I think the band was called Bohemian Bottom Orchestra. Bohemian Bottom Orchestra, you know that’s really cool.” - Klehm

On tour nightmares… “We were curious, and so we decided to try the hottest hot sauce in the world [in New Orleans]. We had to sign a waiver that said they wouldn’t get in trouble if we died or if something terrible happened. They give you just a tiny little toothpick.

“This guy was there and he was trying all these different hot sauces and he looks really wary. At first, we were like, ‘Oh, this guy is the shit because he trying all these different ones,’ and he tried a really hot one and he had no reaction and then suddenly his face just lit up, and it was bright red and then he began smiling and we were like, ‘What’s going on?’ And he came up to us and he’s like, ‘I got into a car accident eight months ago, and I have not been able to taste.’ And he’s like, ‘I taste this.’” – Tuite

“So we tried it, and the woman behind the counter looked at us like, ‘Are you sure you want to do this? You’re going to regret this.’ So we took it, and both of us were like, ‘Oh, it’s not bad,’ and then all of a sudden, we both just started sweating and tearing off our jackets.” - Klehm

“And then we ended up outside somehow. On the ground. Liz’s nose started bleeding profusely, and the roof of my mouth, the skin, came off.” – Tuite

On falling over… “We had a great show the other night. It was rocking. I fell over. I was rocking too hard. I was running around. Then I fell. I fell into [Liz's] cymbal, into her ride cymbal and it just fell all over her. It was the part where she was supposed to play really heavy, but I thought you handled it really well. And then this kid made a GIF of me falling. I always wondered when I see people falling, aren’t they hurting themselves? When I fell, there was no pain. It was great.” – Tuite

On tour rituals… “It’s really fun, we get to do our makeup together. I know that’s not an answer that people want a lot. They want us to be hard, but it’s really fun. We also eat mints for some reason. We lace up our Docs to get ready and get [pumped up]. I smear on bright lipstick.” – Tuite

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