On Tour With: Fruit & Flowers

On Tour With: Fruit & Flowers

Four-piece art punk/surf noir band Fruit & Flowers love to tour. In fact, it had been a lifelong dream of vocalist and lead guitarist Ana’s. So, when we sat down at Brooklyn’s Northside Festival to chat, it came as no surprise that the group was more than happy to open up about the experiences they’ve had on the road.

The group, fresh off the release of their debut Drug Tax EP, are on yet another tour this summer — one that started and will fittingly end in their Brooklyn stomping grounds. From staying with seedy hosts and playing in “unrescuable” bars, Fruit & Flowers’ Ana, Lyz and Caroline talk with TIDAL about their best and worst moments on tour.

On first shows… “It was a little East Coast [tour], and I guess we did a couple of Midwest stops too. It was the first tour that I had ever been on. I’ve been in bands before, plenty of bands, but I’ve never been on tour, and it was like my number one thing I ever wanted to do. So I was so happy to do it. It was right before my birthday too, so I was squeaking it in right before I changed ages. Getting that first tour in.” - Ana

“We went all the way to Chicago. That was substantial. Our first tour was just like twelve or fourteen days. It was twelve shows in twelve days.” - Lyz

On tour nightmares… “[At SXSW] we stayed with my insane Texas friends. We were staying with my friend Aaron. He just like straight up disappeared. He was like, ‘Gosh, I gotta go.’ Then he texted me like later that night like, ‘Hey, sorry, I had to leave. Don’t know when I will be back.’ Someone might have been looking for him.

“The worst show we ever played was in Long Beach. And, ironically, the person that booked that show ended up … it was another band that we were touring with. ” – Caroline

It was a disaster. Everyone got in a fight with the bartender. And then we realized the bar had been on that show, Bar Rescue. So, they made a reality show out of rescuing really, really shitty bars, but, apparently, I didn’t watch this episode. The show was like, ‘We’re done here.’ So, it was this bar that was unrescuable, that’s where we played. There was no sound.” - Ana

On what’s inside of the tour bus…“What isn’t in the bus? Just like name a household item and we probably have some in the bus. Scissors, yeah. Screwdriver, probably.” - Caroline

Clothes.” - Ana

Clothes, all the clothes. Pillows, blankets.” - Caroline

Leather seats.” - Lyz

On one of their best shows… “I really liked the house show that we played in Tacoma. It was literally thrown together that day. Yeah, cuz we did an interview at a college radio station, and they were like, ‘We have this house that we like throw shows at. So next time you guys are in town…’ And then I was like, ‘Well, what about this time we’re in town?’” - Lyz

We sold so many tickets, and posters, and shirts. I loved West Coast. I want to tour again. I want to go to the West Coast again. That was the most fun ever. I love the Southwest. I love driving through Arizona. San Diego is great too.” - Caroline

On the best part of tour life…“I quit my job because I wanted to tour. So now I get to do it all the time and I’m so happy. It’s gross how happy and satisfied I am. And I have a lot of aspirations, and it’s not like I’m content and I’m like, ‘I’ll just stay here forever,’ but just, you know. It’s nice to love what you do.” - Ana

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