On Tour With: Secret Nudist Friends

On Tour With: Secret Nudist Friends

There’s no arguing that “Secret Nudist Friends” is an evocative band name, and the group’s bassist Andy is happy to explain how it all came about. “It wasn’t just like, ‘Yo, these words are good,’” he tells TIDAL.

Lucky for us, there’s no secret to the name. As it turns out, Secret Nudist Friends all started with former group member Ed, who, from time to time, would visit a nude beach in New Jersey with his wife. For him, the beach was an escape, a place to write songs and relax — that is, until the day he was approached by a few local swingers offering to, well, swing.

The proposition was a mixed bag for Ed and his wife, but one he mulled over to Andy, singer and guitarist Matty and drummer Brian. “I’m just gonna call it Secret Nudist Friends because tomorrow we’re gonna go meet up with them,” Ed concluded.

“Eventually,” Matty explains, “the name stuck and the swinger’s parties didn’t.” Swinging or not, Secret Nudist Friends were here to stay, taking their psych garage sounds away from the nude beach and to stages across the country. In their interview with TIDAL, the trio explains the trials and errors of travel and how tour life can sometimes be quite literally shitty.

On how many tours they’ve been on… “Two with this line-up. Three in total. The last two we did in a Honda Accord, and we drove about 3,000 miles each time ’cause we can’t afford a van. We pull up and there’ll be like nine tour vans. We pull up in this Honda, and we’ve done this master pack where in the trunk we can fit two amps, drum equipment, several guitars, pedal boards, sleeping bags. We don’t know how we do it. If anything is slightly off, the trunk doesn’t close.” - Matty

On where they stay… “We usually talk to people that live in the area that we’re playing and they usually have somebody that can give us a place to stay.” - Brian

“Sometimes we’re bougie.” - Matty

“Part of the fun is meeting people and staying in weird places.” - Andy

On tour nightmares… “First night of our first tour we were with this line-up. We stayed… I think it was in Newark or Delaware? I don’t wanna put the person on the spot, but their dog really needed to go outside, wouldn’t stop whining the entire night. Yeah we woke up to the smell of shit. The dog just really had to poop.” - Brian

“He was walking all over me on the floor, on my head.” - Andy

“I was upstairs with our tour manager, and we were in another room upstairs, and they were down in the living room. At one point Andy opens the door and just throws the dog into the room and he goes, ‘All right. Cool.’ Puts the dog in there. And then another cat walks in, the dog and the cat are just crawling all over us, and at a certain point there was this poop in the corner, we’re just like, ‘You want to drive to the next city? Let’s go.’ We tried to wake up the guy to thank him for letting us stay there, but we don’t know where he was. He was just passed out somewhere.” - Matty

On what they listen to on the road… “We do listen to trap music a lot while we’re touring. [Migos] ‘Bad and Bougie’ was the anthem of the last tour. Yeah, ‘Bad and Bougie’ and then a good amount of Kendrick.” - Brian

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