Paperhaus’ Response to the World’s Ills? “Nanana”

Paperhaus’ Response to the World’s Ills? “Nanana”

The world is a pretty screwed-up place right now, and D.C. band Paperhaus has run out of questions to ask. At least in any known language. Enter, “Nanana” and its accompanying video, premiering today (August 24) via TIDAL.

“Instead of trying to force answers to life’s problems, stuck in the endless cycle of arguing right from wrong with others and with ourselves, ‘Nanana’ encourages us to find new questions to ask about problems, to find new approaches and ways of thinking,” the band’s frontman Alex Tebeleff tells TIDAL.

“There aren’t words available for solving most of the deeper issues in ourselves and in the world, but there is a feeling we can find through music and art to address them. The universal language of music transcends culture and time; it’s an opportunity to explore and communicate in ways that everyday language is rarely capable of,” he adds.

Paperhaus, which names bands like the Kinks and Blur as influences, teamed up with interdisciplinary artist Michael Smith-Welch to create the visuals for the synth-heavy track. It features members Tebeleff, Matt Dowling and Rick Irby, their faces mixing and merging like a kaleidoscope.

“[We used] visual synthesis to emphasize and visualize the more psychedelic elements inherent in the song,” Tebeleff says.

Check out the video now, and Paperhaus’ new album, Are these the Questions that We Need to Ask?, on October 6 via Misra Records.

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