Argentinean Trap Star Paulo Londra on Battle Rap & Eminem

Argentinean Trap Star Paulo Londra on Battle Rap & Eminem

Paulo Londra is sleepy. You would be, too, if you were a 20-year-old trap phenom whose ascension from the Southern Cone went faster than DJ Khaled can say, “We The Best!”

Like his Puerto Rican contemporaries (Rauw Alejandro, Alex Rose, Lunay), Londra uploaded his songs a few years ago, battled in freestyle circles, and eventually nabbed a crossover hit with Becky G, “Cuando Te Besé,” and a No. 1 song in his country, “Adan y Eva.”

The emo-Cordoba, Argentina MC (he has a track called “Forever Alone”) also counts on the stellar beats of his go-to super-producer, Ovy On The Drums (Karol G). Not too shabby for someone who describes himself as “perezoso y dormilón (lazy and sleepy).”

As you listen to his debut album, Homerun, out today, you can hear his nonchalant flow, but, more than anything, you can feel the talent and fire to will his country to the forefront of the Latin trap conversation.

Were you into music as a child?

Yes, I always liked music. I recognize that my first strong closeness was clearly with the battles, not with music and songs. But from the battles one could appreciate many lyrics, artists who also implemented song in their battles, and there I began to know everything and know other bands. That’s how it came about.

Who was the first musician that your parents listened to that amazed you?

The first musician who I heard and amazed me was Eminem. To me, he is a genius.

What in particular attracted you to hip-hop?

What attracts me most about hip-hop is that I feel loose, I feel good, I feel comfortable. I feel that I do it well and that makes me feel good.

If you could choose one of your songs that represents Paulo Londra as a person, what would it be?

The song that represents me is ‘Forever Alone.’

Do you obsess over something other than music?

I don’t know if it obsesses me as much as music, but in my free time if I’m not making music I’m definitely playing video games or playing basketball or fútbol. Also food.

Who was the first artist you saw and thought ‘I want to be like him’?

The first artist who called my attention was Eminem. And if you ask me why, it’s because of how he earned respect with his music. He earned respect by improvising, rapping and I liked it a lot.

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