Petal’s “Influences”

Petal’s “Influences”

Rising rocker Kiley Lotz (Petal) is out with Magic Gone, an acclaimed record guided by Lotz’s incredible ability to convey a narrative that contains universal themes. To celebrate her new record, Lotz provides a little context to the artists who shaped her sound.


Mitski, “Fireworks”
I love the lyrics and the bells in this song. I think the song, for me, just put the feeling of composure while going through immense pain in such a beautiful way. Eventually, they will be memories.

Queen, “Somebody to Love”
My favorite song of all time. Gorgeous production and the search for self love and freedom, can’t beat it.

Paramore, “Fake Happy”
After Laughter was such a big part of my summer while making this record. I think the writing so expertly and simply puts feelings of anger, sadness, and desperation into these tangible and uplifting anthems. It feels like release. One of my favorite records ever.

Margaret Glaspy “Memory Street”
Crushing guitar and vocal performances. The imagery she paints is concise and cuts right through you.

Sufjan Stevens, “Pittsfield”
This is one of my favorite songs ever. I love the arrangement of all the instruments and the harmonies. The song has a beautiful crescendo that resolves in such an explosion to this piano alone at the end. I love that.

Solange, “Cranes in the Sky”
I love the production on this record. I love how her voice is right up in the mix and the jazz chords used. Hearing her song explode and how precise and focused she was made me want to really immerse myself in our recording process.

Janis Joplin, “Maybe”
The things she does with her voice on this song are incredible. She really is making the lyrics land. The emotion in the singing, not the technical accuracy of notes, is the star of this song. The band arrangement is sublime. I love the horns and the crisp drums.

Ryan Adams, “Feel Like Fire”
I love the chords in the verses, it doesn’t resolve to the one chord until the chorus and it creates this amazing tension and pay off. I love the guitar tones.

Crowded House, “Don’t Dream it’s Over”
A song I always come back to. I love the organ on the track in the bridge. Hopeful and easy.


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