Poliça: 5 Albums That Changed Our Lives

Poliça: 5 Albums That Changed Our Lives

Minneapolis synth-pop band, Poliça, is gearing up to release Music for the Long Emergency with Berlin-based orchestral collective Stargaze come Friday (February 16). To herald the new album’s arrival, the band shared with TIDAL the albums that changed their lives.

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Poliça, Give You the Ghost

There is a long list of records that have influenced me for sure, but the one record that actually changed my life was the first Poliça record. – Ryan Olson

Gaygns, Relayted

It’s because of Ryan Olson asking me to sing on this record that we made Poliça and now my life is completely different. Working with Ryan Olson has turned everything upside down for me; he’s a regular Dr. Seuss. - Channy Leaneagh

Crass, Penis Envy

It shaped like 85% of my beliefs as a teenager. - Andrew Christopherson

Can, Soundtracks

The album that changed my life is Can’s Soundtracks. - Chris Bierden

Rodan, Rusty

I listened to it a lot when I’d get home from my 9pm to 5am University of Minnesota security/escort job. I saw the band at Speedboat Gallery in St. Paul in 1993 or 4 along with about maybe 10 other people tops. They blew me away. - Ben Ivascu

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