Public Access T.V.’s Frontman on How To Shower on the Road

Public Access T.V.’s Frontman on How To Shower on the Road

Public Access T.V.’s John Eatherly has been on the road since he was 16, when he dropped out of high school to play guitar with touring bands. Since then, Eatherly and his current band have toured with the likes of the Pixies, the Strokes and Weezer, so it’s safe to say the musician knows a little bit about life on the road.

Eatherly took some time out from working on the band’s second album, the followup to 2016’s Never Enough, to talk headlining, bad sleeping arrangements and showering on the road. 

On headlining versus playing support… I’ve been touring since I dropped out of high school at 16. At least a few times a year if not more. With this band, it’s been kind of really all over the place. We’ve definitely had some really good tours. Opening up for the Pixies was really great.

When you’re headlining yourself, it’s always a little bit more rewarding, I guess, because the audience that’s there is having a good time and is more into you, rather than waiting for the headliner.

But, then again, when you go on tour with a band like the Pixies, it’s super inspiring to just see how it works and how it runs. There are so many pieces to it. It sounds really good. If anything, doing stuff like that kind of makes you want to step it up. In a way, it’s a learning experience: take what you will from that and try to apply it to what you’re doing when you’re headlining or doing your own tours. But it’s a pretty drastically different scale.

On his first tour… The first tour I went on was with the Black Lips in America in 2006. I think the Black Lips had just put out their third record and I was a really big fan. I remember being scared thinking they were going to be really crazy guys. I was just going into it like, ‘Oh my god; it’s gonna be so crazy and they’re gonna be peeing all over each other.’

But it was fun. I was a really shy timid kid. It took me a few tours to get comfortable in my own skin and not be nervous or shy.

On the worst sleeping arrangement… In the van in Fargo in the winter. I can’t stand it when it’s really, really cold.

On getting to the shower on time… I think getting up early is the only way. In order to shower I have to force myself out of bed before everyone gets up, because you don’t really want to occupy the bathroom that long, and when I take a shower, I like to drain the hot water and chill.

On new music… We’ve been in the studio for two and a half weeks now. We maybe have like two weeks more. It’s kind of patchy because we have like four days in the studio then a few days off, but we’re working on a new record now that should be done, like mastered and everything, by November. Which means the record will come out in February.

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