RALPH’s “Summer Love”

RALPH’s “Summer Love”

Emerging Toronto pop artist RALPH celebrates summer with these feel-good bops.


HONNE (ft. Anna of the North), “Feel So Good”
I find the timbre of Andy Clutterbuck’s voice undeniably sexy and their songs always make me want to slow dance. There’s a really gentle warmth in this track, but the chorus also hits hard and has a lot of energy. I love the little “so good, so good” refrain after the chorus.

Emotional Oranges, “Personal” 
I recently discovered this band and I am in love. I think their production and aesthetic is super cool. I’m really excited for more tracks to be released. I like that this song is a conversation between the two singers about a relationship.

Leon Bridges, “Pony”
Okay, you should know that the OG ‘Pony’ is one of my favorite songs ever. It’s that track that comes on in a bar and you go “THIS IS MY SONG!” and you start body rolling. That’s me. So Leon Bridges, who has the most beautiful, soothing voice ever, doing a cover of this is just magic.

Your Smith, “Bad Habit”
This is a friend of mine who just started a new project and I honestly love it. She just released two songs and her lyrics are so fucking honest. It is such a beautiful, unique storytelling.

Childish Gambino, “Summertime Magic”
Adore him. This song could go cheesy real quick, the lyrics “just having fun in the shining sun of the summer” could be bad on the wrong artist, but the beat is so sick and he pulls anything off. This is a good summer jam. I’d say listen in the car while driving very loud.

Drake, “Emotionless”
I know everyone is putting this album on their playlists, but it’s really good so whatever. This song is my favourite. I listen to it a lot while I’m running.

Ella Mai, “Naked”
I love her voice and I think she’s a really talented lyricist. This song, in particular, is raw and beautiful. I loved it the first time I heard it. It’s funny, my brother messaged me and was like, “Hey, there’s this song I think you’ll love.” I was like, “Yeah, dude, good call. I’m already on it. It’s very up my alley.”

Toni Braxton, “Long as I Live” 
Wow, wow, wow, such a jam. I’ve always found Toni Braxton so alluring. Her husky voice is powerful, but also really vulnerable. I love that this is a ballad, but also feels anthemic and timeless.

King Princess, “1950″
I recently discovered King Princess and have listened non-stop all summer. I think this track has a really catchy hook. It’s just super listenable and easy. Perfect feel-good summer song.

Taylor Swift, “Delicate” 
Honestly, never been a huge Taylor Swift fan. It was hard for me to put this on the playlist, BUT in the spirit of summer loving, I listened to this song over and over again while going through a breakup. I would run and sing along…and cry every time.

Yellow Days, “Nothing’s Gonna Keep Me Down” 
I fucking love him. I discovered him months ago and have yet to be bored of this song. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it. It fits any mood. It’s uplifting, chill, melancholy, whatever. I can’t wait to see him live.

Japanese Breakfast, “Road Head”
My bandmate introduced me to this band because he knew I would like the narrative elements in the songwriting. I think this song is beautiful, but also weirdly sexy, if you listen to the lyrics – “you gave road head, on a turnpike exit.” I also like the really simple vocal moments, the suspended “oohs” and “aahs.” There’s a vibe here.

MUNA, “If You Love Me” 
I get compared to Muna on Spotify and on blogs, so I recently took a little listen through their songs. I really like this one. It starts off slow and minimal and grows; it has a lot of palpable feeling behind it.

Rex Orange County, “Loving is Easy” 
This guy. I just saw him live the other night, there was a packed audience just yell-singing along to every song. I think he has a sound that is so universally appealing. I also love the innocence of this song, it’s so cute. Of course he thinks loving is easy, he’s like 20. He’ll find out the truth soon, but for now I think we can all appreciate how good this track is. We all just all wanna sing along.

Amber Mark, “Love Me Right” 
This gal been on my radar all year. I love her visuals and her sound, and this song has been on my personal playlist for the last couple months. It’s really fun, but it’s also very poignant, if you listen to the words, there’s a lot of fire and force. I think she has a big career ahead of her.


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