Ramonda Hammer Stage a Truly Monumental Breakup

Ramonda Hammer Stage a Truly Monumental Breakup

Los Angeles grunge-pop band Ramonda Hammer took their name from a woman on the TV show Cheaters, and they carry that theme of curdled love through their new music video for “Destroyers,” the title track off of their new EP.

The track itself is a straight-shot trip back to classic ’90s grunge, replete with stick-in-your-head choruses and cathartic crescendos that’ll make you wish karaoke bars actually carried good (new) music. The video is at once gorgeous and disturbing, following a kind of Greek chorus as they watch a relationship between two of its members descend into blood and madness. It’s a visceral, campy, unraveling surrealist love affair.

“We wanted the video to reflect the various degrees of destruction in human relationships and the ways people react to such situations,” singer-guitarist Devin Davis told TIDAL. “[Bassist] Andy [Hengl] had this idea to use masculine romance and power struggle to reflect this.”

The video was directed by Matthew Anderson. “I’m really inspired by the imagery of James Bidgood, the queer punk of Derek Jarman, and surreal stylization of Fellini’s Satyricon, and I thought that marrying this kind of landscape with some ’90s grunge feels (because Ramonda Hammer) would be a prime space for exploration,” Anderson says. “When I shared the concept with Devin and Andy, they were totally on board and gave me all of the freedom to create this video. I’m super proud of the energies and enthusiasm that the band, cast and crew poured into making this happen.”

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