‘Rap Radar’ Ep. 8: Bun B Talks Upcoming Album & Memories of Pimp C

‘Rap Radar’ Ep. 8: Bun B Talks Upcoming Album & Memories of Pimp C

Bun B is back in action. As Rap Radar episode 8′s guest of honor, Houston’s trillest O.G. spends nearly two hours discusses his return to the mic for his upcoming album titled Bernard (due at the top of 2018) while keeping it 100 about the lows and highs of his career.

Some highlights below:

On his rap comeback: Making music isn’t the problem as far as making a song and putting this shit out. That we can do in our sleep but it has to be more than music for me cause if it’s just music, it’s not worth it … I have to make sure that the intentions are right, the context is right, what we’re really talkin about, what we really tryna do. I gotta make sure all that shit is solid but I don’t wanna be in a position where I’m just presenting the way I think n—as want to see it. It has to be what it is … I wasn’t happy about making music for a long time but I had to find ways to make this shit fun again. It honestly hadn’t been fun since Pimp passed.

On drawing inspiration from JAY-Z: Personally we’re both in very similar places. Seeing him allow him to be as vulnerable as JAY-Z can be is a good thing and lets me know that the direction I’m going in is the right direction because that’s kind of the area which I’m dealing with personal realities and how to move in life when life hits you.

On mourning Pimp C: You never stop missing someone when they’re gone. You just have to do the work that it takes to make it less intrusive on your daily struggles. Pimp passed away, I’m never gonna stop missing Pimp but I can’t let the grief of him being gone affect me to a point where I can’t still be productive ’cause that’s not what he would want.

On Bill Withers’ advice: We had sampled “Use Me Up” … With Bill Withers, his situation was you had to get artists’ approval for publishing so he’s like I just want to explain to y’all young cats what’s happening when they’re calling about this publishing and this song and the songwriter’s rights. The reason why I want to tell you this is because the person that stole my publishing is the uncle of the man that you work for. And I’m not trying to shit on Barry [Weiss], it is what it is. It was told to me that I should be understand that there would be bad business somewhere at some point.

On UGK’s 1994 studio effort: Super Tight was originally a concept album. It was supposed to be half Scarface and half The Mack so it was kind of like [OutKast's] Speakerboxxx/The Love Below but in like ’94. One half would be Pimp represented as The Mack and I would pop up on a song or two.

On Shaq showing love: Just a big Pimp C fan. Obviously he’s a big dude but he was a very, very big fan of Pimp’s. It’s funny becsause Shaq’s usually the most dominant personality in the room then he would get around Pimp and be very humble and light and laid-back but he had much respect and reverence for Pimp.

On Jive Records CEO Barry Weiss’ apology: Ridin’ Dirty would be the penultimate UGK record but Underground Kingz is the one that reflects us as individuals the most. We got to do everything. It was literally like Pimp coming home and the label’s telling us like we’re sorry. This is Barry Weiss [saying], ‘First of all, I want to apologize. One to you guys for not believing in you telling us syrup and candy paint and all this shit was gonna be the shit and to Bun, we apologize for not believing in you as a solo artist. You sold 750,000 copies independently [of Trill], still the number one-selling album on Asylum. Nobody on Asylum sold more records than I did.

On Hov’s “Get Throwed” cameo: If you listen to “Get Throwed” and Jay’s verse, for some people, it’s gonna be clearer than others, but there were shots fired in bars 8 to 12 and there were more shots from bars 12 to 16. This was before [the Nas beef]. This was internal. Nobody really caught it. There’s four nice diss bars from Hov floating out there.

The Port Author rep also reflects on the UGK classic “Int’l Players’ Anthem,” whirlwind success of”Big Pimpin’,” not being his wife’s favorite rapper, Lyor Cohen giving him game, working with Beyoncé and Big K.R.I.T., covering the Donald Trump campaign for VICE, parenthood struggles and more.

* * *

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