Ray LaMontagne Announces New Album, ‘Ouroboros’

Ray LaMontagne Announces New Album, ‘Ouroboros’

Ray LaMontagne has just announced the release of his sixth studio album: Ouroboros.

Taking the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter in a bold new rock-oriented direction, Ouroboros was written by LaMontagne, and co-produced between him and none other than My Morning Jacket’s Jim James. You can check out the album’s lead single, “Hey, No Pressure,” below.

With blazing Black Keys-style guitar riffs, the track loudly demonstrates that Ray LaMontagne — well known for his soft, tender touch — is more than capable of making rock and roll. When premiering the tune, NPR’s All Songs Considered called the new album “incredible,” celebrating how LaMontagne “has continued to push himself in different directions.”

Ouroboros comes out on March 4 via RCA Records. As part of the album announcement, Ray wrote the below letter to fans.

*   *   *

Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to extend to you this humble invitation: to be among a select few of my listening audience to hear a passage from my latest composition titled ‘Ouroboros’.

‘Ouroboros’ is an album musically unlike any I have recorded previously. It did not make itself known to me in sections, sessions, or moments carved out of the clutter of everyday life. It presented itself as the simple question:

“Will you follow me?”

Of course I couldn’t say no. I had to follow. What else could I do?

I had nothing with which to record the journey that was taken. The album is merely an attempt to recreate, from memory, the landscapes, the colors, the sights and sounds that were experienced. I only thank God for the vividness of those experiences, and for the ease of their recollection.

I realize that in my invitation for you to listen, I am in fact asking something of you as well; for listening is not a purely passive act. Listening takes effort. To listen is to participate.

There can be no conversation without one who is first willing to listen.

And so I both invite you to, and ask if you might, sit, quiet your surroundings, quiet your mind, and listen as I present to you the question that was first presented to me:

Will you follow me?


Ray LaMontagne

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