Remy Ma & Papoose Offer Gift-Giving Advice, Talk Holiday Traditions

Remy Ma & Papoose Offer Gift-Giving Advice, Talk Holiday Traditions

Remy Ma and Papoose deliver the holiday version of relationship goals in their upcoming VH1 special, Remy & Papoose: A Merry Mackie Holiday. In honor of tonight’s premiere (December 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT), the Mackies reminisce on holiday traditions, offer their best gift-giving advice and share the Christmas-ready playlist currently bumping in their household.

On spending the holidays in North Carolina versus New York: 

Papoose: I’m actually from Brooklyn, but I did [spend the holiday] in the Bronx since my wife came home. The difference is the weather. The weather is so nice down there, it took me awhile to get used to. Being out of New York, there’s no place like home but I got to say it’s definitely a great experience having it in North Carolina for the first time because we were able to get the family all together under one roof … No sirens. Just trees. Definitely a more peaceful environment.

Remy Ma: Well first, not freezing my ass off.  It’s serious. We been talking about it for a while. [Papoose] is like, ‘Yo, this doesn’t feel right. It’s not going to be a white Christmas,’ and then after you start traveling, you get off the plane and you have to throw this huge coat on, you’re like, ‘This shit wack. I don’t want to do this shit no more.’ Everything else, you could create the ambiance with the decorations and bring key family members around but that weather change is everything.

On favorite holiday memories:

Papoose: Honestly, the holidays were amazing for me as a child. My parents went out of their way to make sure that it was special. Everything you see on TV. It was just a great experience, as opposed to [being] an adult, you take more of the responsibility side of it. You turn from the person who receives the great gifts to the person who’s actually giving them. [The best gift I ever got was] a Nintendo Super Mario Brothers [game]. I don’t remember [what age I was] but I thought I wasn’t going to get it ‘cause my mother couldn’t afford it. She was like, ‘I’m sorry, you’re not gonna be able to have it,’ and I was just opening up my gifts and I just seen the Nintendo.

Remy Ma: When it comes to Christmas, my thing with Christmas is we always have a secret competition kinda in my family. It’s like me, my mom, my brother, my cousin — everyone thinks they’re the best decorator. I always win. My older brother always comes in second but he swears that the only reason why I win is because I have the most money but it’s really not true. It’s just because I have better style.

On throwing a last-minute holiday bash:

Remy Ma: If you have to do it last-minute, the first thing you need to do before you do anything is to get your list together. Know around exactly how many people you’re going to have. Once you got that core number, then you can move in other places. You’re going to want to get food because people could not have music, people could not have anything. If people ain’t got no food, your party’s trash. You could have the hardest seats ever, the whackest decor, but if the food was good, people will be like, ‘It was cold in there but that food was good, I took a plate to go.’ Get the food down and then you start from there with the decor.

You wanna try to make it so that people are comfortable. Keep certain things in mind like alright, people are drinking. You wanna have different stations or places where people can sip their drinks and where people can kinda [get to] know everybody. No one wants to really stand up and drink; people want to be comfortable. If it’s a big space and you feel like it might get cold, have heaters. If you feel like it might get hot, make sure you have AC or if it’s a home-y kind of thing, get throwaway flip flops or slippers. Anything after that is just extra.

On visiting Remy Ma during the holidays while she was in prison: 

Papoose: It was very hard when she was incarcerated. I would visit her on Christmas, make sure I got there early. I was speeding so I didn’t get caught in traffic and made sure I get there when the prison opens so we can spend as much time together as possible. Thank God I didn’t get pulled over. I really would be speeding because if you come after 11, you’re gonna get caught in the count so that means you gotta sit there for a hour before you can actually see her. But if you get there before 11, you can actually spend the hour of count, which is no movement in the prison, so you can spend it with her so I would have to rush to make sure I get there before 11. And it was tough. I was happy to see her and be able to share that day with her and let her know she was important enough to spend those moments with her but it was hard when I would have to leave her behind at 3 o’clock. I made the best of it but I know I actually eased her soul just a little bit just by coming to see her.

On best advice for gift-giving: 

Papoose: My advice for finding the perfect gift for someone is communicate with them, sneakily find out, catch them saying they want something like, ‘Damn, I wish I could get that or I gotta get that’ or ‘I like that.’ It can be something they just say that they like. If you pay close enough attention, you’ll know and you’ll get it.

Remy Ma: I think a lot of times with people who get gifts, they get the gift thinking of themselves. I used to do that with my son when he was a kid. I used to buy him toys ‘cause I wanted to see how the toy worked. My son would get it and be like, ‘Why did you get me this? I was like, you don’t think it’s cool?’ [He’d say], ‘No, it’s not.’ It made me realize that you have to get something for that person. If it’s someone that you love that you’re in a relationship with or just related to, you kind of know certain things about them. Incorporate those things into the gift.

I can’t tell you how many times people have gotten me bubble baths, bath bombs. When the fuck do I have time to take a bath? Like I barely have time to take a shower. I’m running in and out. I don’t have time to soak. There’s no possible way that you thought that I was going to have a chance to use that. Or I’ll get the, ‘Oh, what do you get somebody who has everything?’ More of everything, thank you. That’s not an excuse to get nothing. I need more of everything that I have already. Just try to really be thoughtful and that’s what makes me the best gift-giver I’ve ever known. Really think about what people need and what people like and their personalities.

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