Rising Artist of the Week: Meet Molly Burch

Rising Artist of the Week: Meet Molly Burch

When it arrived in 2017, Molly Burch’s debut album, Please Be Mine, was highly regarded for both its sonic buoyancy and emotional depth. That the Austin, TX-based songwriter was able to create a distinct sound right off the bat was even more impressive, although not particularly surprising considering her musical background studying Jazz Vocal Performance at the University of North Carolina in Asheville.

With a singing style and earnest lyricism that can recall smoke-filled cabarets, Burch, 27, really excels at matching her lovelorn poetry alongside a palette of rollicking folk rhythms and subtle vocal inflections, allowing her music to serve up a kaleidoscope of introspective moods.

While Please Be Mine chronicled the trepidations of a young woman in the throes of self-doubt, anxiety and learning painful love lessons, her new album, First Flower, embraces those moments and projects outward: her self-exploration collides with the world at large.

Her early critical acclaim preceded an extensive 2017 touring schedule,  opening for artists like Tim Darcy, Sallie Ford, Alex Cameron and Lucy Dacus. Although life on a tour bus can make an artist feel insignificant, the Los Angeles native found strength in the notion that her music provided people comfort and that they were waiting for what she was going to say next.

Burch is aware of the public’s anticipation and expectations of her second album, recorded in tiny Lockhart, TX with instrumentalist and boyfriend, Dailey Toliver. Likewise, she has learned to focus her anxieties on uncovering the beauty in her music. She knows she cannot cure all of her ills in one fell swoop, but she has made impressive steps on a journey that promises to be remarkable on a personal and professional level.

TIDAL has tracked Burch’s rise over the previous few years, talking to her in 2016 and naming Please Be Mine as last year’s Rising Indie/Rock album of the year. On Wednesday, we will hear a curated playlist from Burch of her favorite singers and Friday will feature the singer-songwriter talking to TIDAL about her new album and wrestling with doubt.

Listen to Molly Burch’s “Wild” on the TIDAL Rising: Indie/Rock playlist below.


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