Robert Randolph: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Robert Randolph: 5 Albums That Changed My Life

Blues-rock musician Robert Randolph has been racking up GRAMMY nominations over the years; this year, he’s scored his fifth, for Got Soul: Best Contemporary Blues Album.

To celebrate, Randolph put together a list of some records that changed his life:

James Brown, Make it Funky: The Big Payback

I feel like this record was the beginning of hip-hop as we know it today. The messages, the funk, the arrangements. It made the whole album a great listen! The messages are all still relevant today.

The Allman Brothers Band, Eat a Peach

Eat a Peach captures all the great elements of rock & roll, and it has the best guitar duo combo ever: Dickey Betts and Duane Allman.

Sly & the Family Stone, There’s a Riot Goin’ On

This album made gospel music what it is today. ‘Family Affair’ is one of the best written songs of all time and crosses every genre. This album is VERY funky; the keyboard and guitar tones are incredible.

Stevie Wonder, Innervisions

The intersection of funk, soul and R&B. The production on this record was truly ahead of its time and Stevie Wonder’s chops really shine through. You know you’re in for it when they start off with ‘Too High.’

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pride and Joy

Stevie is my biggest inspiration. His aggression and attack toward the instrument while staying clean and composed is something to marvel at.


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