Rodes Rollins: What Are You Listening To?

Rodes Rollins: What Are You Listening To?

Nancy Sinatra-loving singer-songwriter Rodes Rollins put together a list of songs that she’s currently enamored of. Check those out below, along with her single, “Nasty Woman.”

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Angel Olsen, “Shut Up Kiss Me”
Angel Olsen is such an inspiration to me. I love the way that she sings this song so fearlessly. I’d really love to share a stage with her some day. It’s definitely a personal goal of mine.

Big Thief, “Paul”
The lead singer of Big Thief, Adrianne Lenker, is an incredible songwriter and performer! I’ve seen them live a couple of times now, and truly feel a spell is cast upon me every time I hear her sing.

Fenne Lily, “On Hold” 
Fenne Lily is a new discovery for me. The second I heard this song, I was hooked. Her voice is something special.

Iyves, “Not Afraid to Fall”
This is my sister, everyone! Stylistically, we are so different, and it’s always inspiring to hear what new ideas she comes up with. She is my only sibling, and I feel lucky to have someone there with me to share music, amongst other things (like the clothes I steal from her closet)!

Rodes Rollins, “Nasty Woman” 
Writing this song was so fresh and fun for me. It feels good to sing these lyrics. This song is all about celebrating female empowerment and pride for me. I’m happy to be putting it out there!

Nancy Sinatra, “Bang Bang”
Nancy Sinatra is one of my ultimate inspirations. Her Western sounds and sensibilities really strike a chord with me and take me to a different place that pushes me to write. If I could have a meal with anyone, I feel like I would choose her. And it’d be on me. I owe her for all the inspiration.

Sugar Candy Mountain, “666″ 
I’m all about this band. Their singer, Ash Reiter, is awesome. They describe their sound as such: ‘If Brian Wilson had dropped acid on the beach in Brazil and decided to record an album with Os Mutantes and the Flaming Lips.’

Patti Smith, “Dancing Barefoot”
Patti Smith is definitely another one of my muses. I will forever and always have Just Kids sitting by my bed.

Warpaint, “Whiteout” 
Love me some Warpaint! I’ve been lucky enough to have badass Stella Mozgawa contribute her amazing drumming to some of my records.

Khruangbin, “Cómo Me Quieres”
Like just about everyone else, I can’t stop listening to these guys. Love to see a female bassist doing her thing. My only question is – why isn’t the drummer rocking the same bob?!

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