Say Sue Me: 5 Albums That Changed Our Lives

Say Sue Me: 5 Albums That Changed Our Lives

South Korean band Say Sue Me just released their album, Where We Were Together, this month. To celebrate, the band broke down some albums that changed their lives.

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Yo La Tengo, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One

We think this album tears down genre boundaries and is probably the biggest influence on our music: a masterpiece in the indie rock canon. – Say Sue Me

Blur, Parklife

The favorite album of my beloved band when I was in high school. It always sounds lovely no matter when you play it. – Jaeyoung

Seam, Are You Driving Me Crazy?

Megadeth’s metal kids touch this album and turn into indie rock kids. – Byungkyu

Cat Power, Moon Pix

This is the album I listened to most as a teenager, and I remember listening in absolute seriousness. The songs have a lot of negative space, but are also full of her beautiful spirit. – Sumi

Rage Against the Machine, Rage Against the Machine

I first heard this album when I was 15 years old and these were the songs I played the most with my band back then. It’s how I discovered my love for drumming. – Changwon

(Photo credit: Jungran Park)

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