Sharkmuffin Are Working Class Vampires In “Factory”

Sharkmuffin Are Working Class Vampires In “Factory”

Donald Trump, the working(wo)man and…vampires? You’ll get all three in Sharkmuffin’s new video for “Factory,” off of their most recent release, Tsuki.

“This video tells the story of women factory workers from the late 1900s who have been transformed into vampires and work in their factory throughout the 20th century until present day,” explains lead singer/guitarist Tarra Thiessen. “At the end of the video, Donald Trump attempts to take over the factory that they worked at for over one hundred years and gained the rights to own and run so, sadly, the vampire family devours him.”

The video was shot by filmmaker Eric Durkin and stars Thiessen and bassist Natalie Kirch as factory workers from the 1900s who are turned into vampires by their boss, played by musician Vram Kherlopian (The Big Drops/Wild Moon). Davey Jones of Lost Boy? and the So So Glos also makes an appearance.

“By the end, we are in the current era and Tarra and I (the female vampires) are the business owners,” Kirsh says. “It ends with a non-transformative consumption by the 2017 vampire family.”

Check out the video below, as well as the band’s new split EP with Off White.

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