Shilpa Ray Announces New Album With Exclusive Video Premiere

Shilpa Ray Announces New Album With Exclusive Video Premiere

The incomparable Shilpa Ray is gearing up to release her new record, Door Girl, via Northern Spy Records on September 22. Today, she shares with TIDAL the exclusive premiere of “EMT Police and the Fire Department,” a single that details a particularly rough night at the bar.

“The song was written after an incident at my bar job where the level of mayhem became so unbearable the EMT, police and the fire department all showed up on the scene at the same time,” Ray tells TIDAL. “The look of it was so dire and apocalyptic. It made me wonder, out of all the real problems in this world, why are the city’s resources being spent to curb the behavior of New York’s most spoiled rotten patrons?”

The look of the video, directed by music photographer Ebru Yildiz, was inspired by the experimental film Breakaway, by Bruce Connor. “This is a more jarring, raw and at times ugly version of it,” Ray says. “An inner dialogue brought to life by a common door girl.” Door Girl on the whole details Ray’s time spent as just that at New York club Pianos.

(Photo credit: Ebru Yildiz)

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