Slanted & Enchanted: FFS

Slanted & Enchanted: FFS

With Slanted & Enchanted we ask artists a series of off-beat questions. In this edition Russell Mae, of art rock pioneer Sparks, expresses his passion for Hello Kitty, non-fat yogurt, hand sanitizer and pachinko. Alongside mutual admirers Franz Ferdinand, Sparks recorded the excellent collaborative album, FFS, which is out this week.

*   *   *

Describe your perfect day.
Going to Hello Kitty Land, Tokyo.

If you weren’t a musician, what would you do?
Be CEO of The Purell Hand Sanitizer company.

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
Apples, nonfat yogurt, granola.

Most unlikely album that inspires your own music?
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg soundtrack.

There’s a fire in the house! What three things do you rescue?
My pachinko machines, my refrigerator, my mirror.

If you could pick a fight with anyone – who would it be and why?
People and companies who have devalued music and the artists who create it.

The advice you wished someone would have given you?
No refund without a receipt.

Beatles or Stones?

What’s your favorite piece of gear on stage?
Gear is so last year.

Give the recipe to your favorite dish.
Chop the apples, spoon on the nonfat yogurt, and add the granola.

Criticize your own music from the perspective of someone who hates it.
They’re just too good looking to be taken seriously.

Name a holiday that doesn’t exist but should.
Topless Tuesday.

The world is ending tomorrow. What do you do before it’s all over?
Jump off a bridge today.

How does the E! True Hollywood Story on your life end?
2 and a half stars.

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