Sondre Lerche: Covers EP

Sondre Lerche: Covers EP

Sondre Lerche is a well-established singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Splitting his time between Williamsburg, NYC and his native Norway, Lerche has made an name for himself for his smart, sultry and sophisticated brand of indie pop.

Juggling stylistic influences ranging from new wave and electro-pop to jazz and bossa nova, he has released seven full-length albums, beginning with his 2001 debut, Faces Down, and his more widely-acclaimed follow-up, Two Way Monologue (2004).

We are proud to present Sondre Lerche’s new Covers EP, containing reimagined versions of prominent pop songs, previously given away as a Christmas present to his fans over the last three years.

We love the idea of an artist giving regular treats to their fans. Without fans, the artist remains unknown, unseen, unheard. Through the songs of this EP, Sondre Lerche exhibits a sincere appreciation for that relationship. Collected for the first time, these tracks are seeing their first official release, available exclusively in TIDAL.

This is what Lerche said about the project when releasing his most recent installment, a spacey take on Sia’s runaway hit “Chandelier”:

Over the last few years, I’ve found that I enjoy covering widely known songs that unite the masses and myself, more so than recording versions of more obscure titles that I’d rather just everybody hear in their original recordings. When you’re having a go at a deeply popular song that’s already part of our shared pop-cultural fabric, you are engaging in an ongoing conversation.

Your contribution may or may not make much of a difference. You’re just one of several voices, several pairs of eyes. And I like that very much: those rare occasions when my very particular musical needs intersect with those of the general public, and a song so omnipresent that I’ll never have to download it, or even press play to hear it, is actually a welcome repeated listen. “Chandelier” is a song like that.

[Photo: Sean Hagwell]

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