Soundtrack to My Life: Rival Sons on Led Zeppelin

Soundtrack to My Life: Rival Sons on Led Zeppelin

In the face of an ever-changing, ever-digitizing world, Rival Sons are torchbearers for the modern preservation of unrestrained, southern-flavored rock and roll.

It’s tasty, it’s bold and it’s totally confident. The Southern California quartet manages to perfectly embody the timeless classic rock zeitgeist, founded on the vintage blues masters, The Rolling Stones, Free – and of course Led Zeppelin.

With Led Zeppelin’s priceless catalog now available for lossless streaming, we asked Rival Sons if they cared to share their thoughts on the legendary band.

Guitarist Scott Holiday quickly replied with a wonderful playlist of his favorite Led tracks, and this lovingly composed essay where he talks about his close relations with the band – past and present.

My Led Zeppelin
By Scott Holiday, Rival Sons

I gotta tell ya.
I think it’s only recently that we’ve received reviews that DON’T mention this band.
So it’s no secret the adoration that I have for them.

Growing up in a rock ‘n’ roll family and having friends that did as well, I noticed every family had a favorite band from the those that qualified as the ‘Royalty of Rock’ – a main band of worship, if you will.

We all appreciated most if not ALL the of “royalty of rock” bands: Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Queen, Zeppelin, etc.

But if you grew up in a real rock n roll household there was always a primary focal point band that a family really believed in or thought (ex: like your dad being a Chevy OR Ford guy) were the be-all-end-all BEST.

For my family this band was Led Zeppelin.

So when you hear their influence in my music, just understand. I was brainwashed.
My family programmed these lullabies into my memories from birth.
And they lasted well into my 20′s.

I have had the pleasure to meet and hang with Mr. Page.
It has been said he appreciates our band. Which is a strange wonderful feeling.
And I have had numerous connections to Led Zeppelin over the more recent years.
From mutual friends, photographers, record industry folks (signing to Atlantic records at one point in my life), family members (their siblings and such) etc.
So there’s that direct connection there.

But really, my ACTUAL connection to this band is my previous point:

This music is – in large part – the soundtrack of my life.

Cherry-picking songs from a group that I would consider to have one of – if not THE – strongest catalogue in rock ‘n’ roll history seems futile. This is really the group that trained my mind and musical work ethic to only create albums of “all killer no filler”
That said.

Let’s just pick a few off each album (in sequential order, of course) that were important to my own life and musical upbringing and deserve immediate attention.

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