Spotlight on Rising Artist Raquel Sofía

Spotlight on Rising Artist Raquel Sofía

Raquel Sofía has learned from the best of the best. The young songstress has toured around the world doing background vocals for two of Colombia’s greats—Juanes and Shakira. She considers her time as a background singer to have been her “second time in college,” where she was able to learn from the pros and strengthen her love for music and performing.

Recently the Puerto Rican pop singer/songwriter sat down with us to chat her inspirations, the Latin music scene and her new album, 2:00 AM, which out on November 3.


Tell us all about Raquel Sofía.


I was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and at 10 moved to Miami where I studied jazz in college. After graduation I was lucky enough to be a back-up singer for many of the artists that I admire.  And now I am making my career as a solo artist. I am promoting my second album right now, 2:00 AM. It’s the album that I have always wanted to make. It’s the perfect description of who I am at this moment. I am a singer/songwriter. I stress that I write my own songs because it’s more than just getting on a stage and singing. It’s about sharing my personal stories and things that happen to me. For me it is very important to write songs that people can relate to. I try to be super honest in my music.


Where did the need to create music come from?

For me there was no other option than to be a musician. I’ve written songs since I was about eight years old. I would always walk around with journals filled with poems. I would take them everywhere with me. The idea of telling stories always fascinated me. I loved the attention so I naturally loved being on stage. As a musician both of those things go hand in hand.


Do you remember the very first moment you said to yourself “I want to be a singer.”

We didn’t have any musicians in my family. Everyone is either a scientist or an engineer. My father tells me that I’ve been singing since the very beginning. When they used to take me out on the stroller I would sing the entire time. I just always loved singing. I would just listen to songs and I would learn them. I would stand up as I was watching music videos and I would start dancing. After school I would go to music class and that’s where I started playing the guitar.


Tell us about your upcoming album, 2:00 AM.

I am so excited, so proud of the album. It has a throwback, vintage feel to it. It has that jazz, soul vibe and influences from the artists that I’ve been so inspired by. It has an old school vibe that I love because that’s what I like to listen to. I’m excited to share it with everyone and to start traveling and playing everywhere. To just sing, sing and sing! I really hope everyone loves it.



Right now in Latin music there is a huge boom of reggaeton and Latin trap with artists like Bad Bunny, a fellow boricua. Do you listen to the genre?

I think we are living in a really beautiful time where there is space for artists like them and also for an artist like me even though our music is very different. Whenever I’m out partying, I love to listen to that kind of music. It’s important to remember that we as Latinos have many different sides to our culture and it’s cool to see it all represented through music.



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