Summer Bummer: Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde and Lana Del Rey

Summer Bummer: Eclipse Season, Mercury Retrograde and Lana Del Rey

TIDAL Scopes is a new series in which our resident astrologer, Annabel Gat, looks to the stars to see what’s in store for the latest releases. Next up, we have Lana Del Rey’s new record, Lust for Life, out now.

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It’s all here this summer: eclipse season, Mercury retrograde and Lana Del Rey’s latest release, Lust for Life! But what does it mean? Let’s examine the celestial atmosphere at the time of everyone’s favorite chanteuse’s new album.

Eclipse number one lands on August 7 in cool Air sign Aquarius — but don’t be fooled: there’s nothing chill about this eclipse. Secrets are coming to light and major endings are taking place. Sing along to “Cherry” if you feel like things are falling apart — they are, but that’s the point of an eclipse: to break things up so that you can get on your proper path! Trust that the endings are meant to be!

Aquarius is a wild and free sign, but when things get this intense during an eclipse, it’s easy to be a “Summer Bummer” and have a hard time trying to “Get Free” — give those two tracks a listen if you’re feeling these pressures.

Mercury retrograde kicks off in Virgo, an analytical and grounded Earth sign, on August 12; you may have thought you gathered all the information you need, but when Mercury retrogrades through this thorough Earth sign, you’ll find that you may have missed some pieces of data along the way. Mercury retrograde is crappy for signing contracts, travel (due to delays), communication (due to misunderstandings) and for making important purchases, but it is great for reviewing and reconsidering your choices.

Expect to run into people from your past — Mercury retrogrades love to bring us ghosts from yesterday to show us how much we have grown, as well as bring us some closure or deeper understanding. Take a listen to “Change” as you meditate on this retrograde.

Eclipse number two lands on August 21 in Leo, the sign of royalty — and you can bet this eclipse will be over the top and dramatic. Leo is a passionate Fire sign, eager to live its best life. Listen title track “Lust for Life” as you navigate this eclipse’s emotional and fiery energy.

Between the eclipses and the Mercury retrograde, this August is all about seeing things in a new light. It won’t be easy, but at least Lana understands —  “In My Feelings” is probably a great way to describe this intense month!

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