Sunflower Bean Shares a Playlist of “Friend Songs”

Sunflower Bean Shares a Playlist of “Friend Songs”


Acclaimed Brooklyn-based band Sunflower Bean has released their third studio album, titled Twentytwo in Blueand the band (Nick Kivlen, Jacob Faber, and Julia Cumming) has shared a TIDAL-exclusive playlist that celebrates the familiar and new songs that bring the comfort of a companion to their ears.



The Velvet Underground, “I’m Waiting for the Man (Version 1/ Live)” 
This song feels like the kind of friend who you can just go on a nice long walk with and they’ll just listen, and sometimes that’s all you need isn’t it? Someone to listen. - Faber

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Not in Love We’re Just High”
This is a brand new friend to me because this song only came out about a week ago, but from first listen, I was in love.  It’s always a really great feeling to be so excited about a song on the first listen and be able to listen over and over and get something different from it each time. Much like a new friend who you are excited to spend time with because you know there is so much more to know about them. - Faber

Pure X, “Easy”
This is that best friend that you don’t even really say hello to.  Like, you are so close with them, you can almost telecommunicate. That is what this song makes me feel.  I’ve known it for so long and it has always been by my side and we have conquered so much together. - Faber

Total Slacker, “Crystal Necklace”
This song feels like a friend from high school who you were close to at one point, but life kind of took you in different directions. But, still when you hangout on occasion, you can get on like nothing ever changed. - Faber

MGMT, “When You Die”
This is also a new friend.  It felt like an instant match upon first listen, like we just connected immediately. - Faber

The Beach Boys, “Wind Chimes”
This song has been a friend for a long time, mostly because it was my favorite song of all time. It still might be. If I over explain it it might ruin the magic so I’m just gonna say, listen to it now. It’s spooky and haunting and wonderful. - Cumming

The Velvet Underground, “I Found a Reason”
This song is a life saver, like a friend you can cry on. Whenever you are lost, you can turn to this song. Whenever you lose meaning or literally reason, it is like a glass of water on a hot day. - Cumming

Devo, “Praying Hands”
Wash your hands 3 times a day! Always do what your mom and dad say! When I first heard this song, I felt like it gave me the strength to be ok with how strange and different I felt, like the first time you make a good friend at a new school. Devo is a perfect band for that kind of feeling. - Cumming 

Talking Heads, “Don’t Worry About the Government”
This is my favorite talking heads song. The lyrics are spectacular and one of a kind, that make you feel like the song is a special secret friend just for you. It takes you on a little journey that I haven’t heard replicated in any other song. - Cumming

Gorillaz, “Melancholy Hill”
One of my favorite songs of all time, Damian’s voice is calm and reassuring. The steady drum beat feels like a reliable old friend. - Kivlen

The Durutti Column, “Sketch for Summer”
During my brief time at college I would walk around campus alone with this song a lot. It has such a sweet nostalgic sound it brings me right back to those brief months at school. - Kivlen

Neil Young, “Out on the Weekend”

Neil is kind of like a wise old man you might meet at a dinner while driving across the country. He has a wise disposition and his songs sound like a friend speaking to you informally and confidentially. You trust Neil.  - Kivlen

Black Sabbath, “Sweet Leaf”
My old stoner buddy and me are just chilling. We’re catching up, listening to some sick riffs and just laying low. There’s no formality or obligations. - Kivlen


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