Taraka Larson (Prince Rama) on How Records Are Sonic Fuels

Taraka Larson (Prince Rama) on How Records Are Sonic Fuels

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Record Store Day, we hit up a few of our favorite musicians to find out what vinyl shopping means to them.

Hometown: Nowhere

Based In: Everywhere

What’s your favorite record store?

Sundance, Academy and Chance Encounters.

What were the first records you bought at your hometown record store?

I remember getting really cracked out on buying a bunch of obscure old ethnographic recordings of various world music. Also a burned CD-R of Weezer b-sides (it cost $45).

What did you learn from shopping at record stores?

That I didn’t want to collect records. I wanted to make them.

What was the last record you bought? Where?

A collection of rare EVP phenomena from behind the Iron Curtain at Twisted Village in Boston (RIP).

Why do you still buy records?

I love the form of them. Records are sacred logorithmic spiral journeys into utopic space. They are sculptural ritual objects. And music that is of any spiritual worth warrants a ritualized listening experience that is both tactile and multisensory.

Which record, in your opinion, do you need on vinyl? Why?

Any record that you want to survive the digital dark age virtual wipe out that will inevitably occur at some point in our near future. Records are our sonic fossils.

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