TDE’s SiR Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane on ‘November’ Album

TDE’s SiR Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane on ‘November’ Album

Once described as “John Doe 2,” Top Dawg Entertainment’s soulful crooner, SiR (real name Sir Darryl Faris), emerged with his buzzy EP Seven Sundays and series of Her projects. After the label unveiled his persona and releasing his Her Too EP last year, SiR’s whirlwind year included a trip to the hospital and a sonic trip down memory lane that resulted in his debut, November, out today (January 19). A few days ahead of November’s release, SiR broke down the album’s inspirations with TIDAL below.

What has changed for you, mentally, physically, emotionally since you dropped Her Too EP last year. How is November different?

It’s hard to really gauge. This year has been a whirlwind. A lot of ups and downs. I had a lot of time to kind of think this one through. I was working on this album while I was doing the Her EPs so this album is like three years in the making.

What made now feel like the right time to drop it?

We all came to an agreement, like we felt like we had the right records. That’s the good thing about this is I’m not doing this by myself. I had a lot of help from [Top Dawg Entertainment president] Dave Free and The Little Homies. It just feels like the right body of work, and we weren’t rushing the project at all. We wanted it to be the right music and the right timing so it came together at the end of the last year. It came right after I went through some crazy stuff. I was in the hospital. I had to take a month and not do anything.

Was it burnout?

I was just stressed, and I was just trying to quit smoking [cigarettes] at the time. I took some time off, and when I came back, I wrote like three or four new records that kind of put everything in place. It’s definitely my favorite body of work right now. I think it’s the most thought-through [project of mine].

Would you say there’s a concept to it?

Sort of, yeah. It’s like a trip down memory lane, and I kind of use an example where it seems like I’m going on a flight without the navigator. It’s like me going through old relationships, expressing how I felt at that particular moment. The reason why I call it November is because that month just means a lot. I was born in November. I lost a lot of relationships around that time, around my birthday, around the end of the year and my wife and I met in November and have some real cold memories in that month. It’s like setting up this trip to this place [called] November which I hope people get. It’s kinda personal. It’s like a trip through my whole life.

It’s kind of like a sonic emotion picture of your love stories.

Definitely. That’s a crazy way to put it.

“D’Evils” is a reference to the JAY-Z song. Talk to me about the inspiration behind that.

I’m a smoker. I love weed. California culture. That’s supposed to be me — chill, kind of laid-back vibe. My inspiration was my life. That’s how I am — I chill, I smoke, I sit and play video games.

How about “Summer in November”? 

That was a record I wanted on the playlist from jump and whew, it was so stressful getting that song … Just getting permission to use that beat and dealing with all the stuff we had to deal with to get that song. That song is special. It represents everything that the album is about, a trip down memory lane that reminds me of a time when me and my wife were the happiest. That was before we got married, but that’s what it represents — the perfect season. It doesn’t matter where you are with this person, it’s always going to go on.

As you’re adjusting to fame with the support of your TDE crew, you learn new things about yourself as you’re put into new situations. How do you keep your marriage life the same?

My wife keeps me grounded. She don’t give a shit if I did music, if I don’t do music, if people know who I am. I still have to take out the trash. I still wash dishes. I do regular stuff. I cook at home. I’m very involved in my life outside of this. This is work. Not that I don’t love what I do, I’m blessed to be where I’m at but this isn’t real life. At home, I’m Darryl. That won’t ever change, and I have my wife and my brothers to keep me grounded. My family is very involved in my life. When I was sick last year in the hospital, my family was there and none of my homies or my music friends came around. They didn’t know and I wouldn’t ask them anyway because I have such a supportive family, there’s no need for me to do that kind of shit. I just keep my family in high regard and that keeps me grounded.

What did you learn from being hospitalized? What are some lifestyle changes that you’ve had to make?

I quit smoking. I don’t smoke anymore. I smoke hella weed. I smoked cigarettes for years. Everything in moderation was the lesson I learned ‘cause even weed. I’ll smoke so much fucking weed that I was always high, eyes always red, clothes smell like weed everywhere I went. You have to balance out just being sober and normal. That’s the healthiest thing, for me especially, how I am. My mom had a very addictive personality. We have to slow down sometimes.

For some people, November might be the first time they listen to you. In terms of your artistry and evolution, what do you hope stands out the most?

The waves, it goes up and down. Musically, I want people to see that I can go anywhere. A lot of artists do one type of thing but I don’t ever want to get trapped in that box. I want to be able to do a country song with John Mayer and people not look at me crazy. They respect it for the art.

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