Teri Gender Bender: 5 Vinyl Albums That Changed My Life

Teri Gender Bender: 5 Vinyl Albums That Changed My Life

In honor of Record Store Day 2018, TIDAL enlisted some musicians to share with us the records that changed their lives. Teri Gender Bender of Le Butcherettes shares her picks below.

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Fela Kuti, Zombie

Fela Kuti is a fearless game changer in his own right. Especially given the era and surroundings he endured in Ghana in order to make his risk-taking art, having endangered his own life in order to write his bone-shaking, realist lyrics. A rebel with many causes.

The funk guitar and earthy African beat elements are potent and well oiled. Spiritual conviction fused along with the fiery leading wind instruments, which immediately possessed my body and made it move life it has never moved before.

Fela Kuti and his band let the music take hold of the listener’s mind with colorful and striking carnal electricity, which later introduces his vocal melodies lacing powerful storytelling containing political-metaphoric poetry. His words and heavy-blooded messages killed in me the blind egocentric little bitch that wouldn’t let me out of my shell, giving me the desire to learn of another country’s history. Life-changing record.

The Beatles, The White Album

This record holds a special place in my heart because my father showed it to me when I was very little. It has since inspired my way of approaching songwriting. I was moved very much from the emotional and vulnerability of this record. ‘Julia’ being an outstanding song for me. The order of these songs fits perfect and I know the order by memory due to the many, many times this record was played in my house.

Cream, Wheels of Fire

The main reason this record changed my life was because it was one of my first exposures to a fierce and mean-sounding productions with an a ridiculous overflowing feel of sensuality and dangerously heart-melting lyrics. I have never heard a record that contained an over three-minute drum solo and it certainly shocked me as I would listen to it in my bedroom, letting the drums take my mind into a meditative state of violent hunting.

The Pretty Things, SF Sorrow

I came to this record a little bit late in life but it’s a record that hit me in all the places where they needed to be attacked. I thought I was numb during the period were I came across SF Sorrow and when the first song came (‘S.F Sorrow is Born’) I was instantly attracted to the sound and vocal melody. Once you get into the story of ‘The Pretty Things’ you start becoming more intrigued with the history of their music. This record along with The White Album opened my mind to the craft of harmonies. Overwhelmingly dark and beautiful.

Selda, Türkülerimiz, Vol. 2 

Selda came to me at a just the right time, except I wish I found out about her since my conception. This album moves me to tears and hypnotizes me at every listen. Her sadness and rage translate through the speakers while the guitar work sedates the listener with just the right dosage of effect pedals fused with Turkish-influenced funk. She was one for the pioneers of activism and feminism in her own rite. It is a dream of mine to be able to meet her. for the duality and power in this record are, to this day, non-stop being play in my house.

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